Economic development is more than just lending. It also means staying involved partnering with local organizations, listening to what our community needs and making sure we have a voice in important decisions that are being made. In this month’s newsletter, we’re highlighting the important work of our community partners and organizations who have been hard at work to ensure the North Coast remains resilient in the coming months. 

It’s hard to believe we’re already heading into the last quarter of 2020. We are encouraging our PPP loan clients to begin working on their forgiveness paperwork, regardless of the size of their loan. We have not received confirmation that there will be a simple form for small borrowers, and having loan forgiveness processed before the end of the year will be helpful to borrowers. We do know that SBA has up to 90 days to get the applications processed, so the earlier we can get the applications submitted, the quicker they can be approved. Moving forward on getting those processed now will give businesses a leg up when moving into 2021.