Our local youth work hard to prepare for Lemonade Day, but they also know that the work isn’t done when they close up their stands.   
They are then asked to evaluate their business performance by calculating gross and net profit, comparing their results to their original goals and more.   

The end of the fiscal year is a good time for our business clients to do the same. You likely track your gross and net profit on a regular basis, but how are you doing when compared to your projections, your goals?  Do you understand all your financial obligations and are you prepared to meet them?  Have you scrutinized your balance sheet and profit and loss statements to understand what you’re doing well and what could be improved?  Have you recently reviewed your insurance policies, coverage and rates to make sure you’ll weather unexpected adversity?

Now is also a good time to make some new goals and set a plan to review them regularly.  The year will undoubtedly throw you some unanticipated curves, but if you keep your sights on your goals, slow (or quick) and steady progress will be made.

Happy New Fiscal Year !