The hallways have become a gathering place at AEDC now. For the past couple years through the pandemic, we've had quite a lot of transition at the office and while we stayed busy with work, it was quiet. It's not anymore. With our new hires and so many activities that require working through problems together, there's an energy that spills into the hallway bringing life back to the office. ZOOM meetings have been great technology, especially for reaching out to our regional partners, but there's nothing like being in a room full of engaged people to really get going.

Besides all of our exciting programs, like CERF and the Child Care Sustainability Fund, we are back out making site visits to our clients and building up our lending pipeline from microloans to those larger commercial property purchases.

It's times like this that I am so grateful for the growing team we have at AEDC. Each new employee, whether they are in the office or not, have brought talents, experience and enthusiasm and have quickly embraced being part of the AEDC Team. I'm brimming with so much excitement for all of this energy, it makes me want to break out into the AEDC Theme Song . . . . but you have to work here to actually hear that.

-- Ross