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AEROBI robotic system tested on two bridges

AEROBI has developed a new way to inspect, assess and maintain existing infrastructures. The Aerial Robotic System with a multi-joint arm for the in-depth inspection and assessment of reinforced concrete bridges consists of a computer vision system, a sensor system, a laser equipment as well as software to evaluate and structurally assess the mechanical performance and safety of the inspected bridges.

The AEROBI Aerial Robotic System consists of three types of UAVs:

TYPE 1: Visual inspection on complete bridge
  • Crack detection
  • Other types of damage detection (like spalling and corrosion)
   GPS-free localization; short term autonomous navigation



TYPE 2: Contact inspections using an autonomous robotic device
  • Crack depth measurement (standalone tool test)
  • Precise positioning of contact tool using a total station: Pier inclination, span deflection, etc.

Autonomous flight during the contact operation. Displacement of the contact tool controlled by the inspection operator. Assisted flying mode if not in contact.



TYPE 3: Precise position to measure deflections of the beams
  • Span deflection
      Autonomous operation using a total station

AEROBI final pilot demonstration

The AEROBI final pilot demonstration took place on two bridges of Egnatia Motorway on 10th October 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece (the Strymonas and T6 bridges). The integration and experimentation were done on Strymonas bridge since it is an old bridge and has a lot of various defects. The demonstration of Aerial Robotic System for the end users' workshop was done on T6 Bridge. The main focus of the final pilot demonstration event was to integrate, experiment, demonstrate two different platforms which cover the most important end-user requirements.
During the integration and experimentation of the bridges two types of UAVs were tested:
  • TYPE 1: Visual inspection on complete bridge
  • TYPE 3: Precise position to measure deflections of the beams
During the demonstration of the Aerial Robotic System, Egnatia Odos presented inspection and assessment of motorway bridges in Greece, techniques used and AEROBI perspectives. AEROBI team demonstrated beam deflection measurement and bridge visual scan, which includes the presentation of the aerial platform and its capabilities. Finally, end users had the opportunity to have a lively discussion between themselves and AEROBI project partners.
After the demonstration of the two aerial robotic platforms, the Workshop was organised to present the main results of the two days of integration and experimentation of Strymonas bridge. During the Workshop, end users had a possibility to discuss on:
  • Design and development of AEROBI Robots
  • AEROBI Computer Vision System
  • Development of Sensing System
  • Structural Condition Assessment
  • System Integration
  • Field demonstration at Strymonas bridge videos and results

Figure 1. Integration and experimentation of Strymonas bridges

Figure 2. AEROBI final pilot demonstration on T6 bridge

Figure 3. AEROBI final pilot demonstration on T6 Bridge

Figure 4. AEROBI Workshop for end users

       During  AEROBI final pilot demonstration event, two project videos were produced:
  • Integration and experimentation of Strymonas bridge - 8-9 th October 2018. The link to the video can be found here: https://youtu.be/-iR__sacgDM
  • Final Aerial Robotic System demonstration on T6 bridge - 10th October 2018. The link to the video can be found here: https://youtu.be/45l_jyxJVKw

For more information, contact Project Coordinator Philippe Chrobocinski at philippe.chrobocinski@airbus.com  or see www.aerobi.eu.

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