We are pleased to announce that four AESA members are running for two positions on the executive council. 

AESA expresses its appreciation to all of these educational leaders for their willingness to go through the election process. It is clear from their leadership that each candidate is worthy of these positions. The executive council and the AESA staff wish all of our candidates the best of luck on this journey!

AESA Bylaws provide that only the executive directors (CEOs) of member agencies can vote. (Ballots will be distributed in a separate announcement to all executive directors on December 17, 2018 and should be returned no later than January 14, 2019.) 

The United States is divided into four regions that are represented on the executive council. There is one vacancy in each of the following regions: Central Region and Western Region. One person will be elected for each region.

Everyone is invited to meet the candidates at the 2018 Annual Conference in Colorado Springs, in the 'meet the candidates’ area by the registration desk!