It’s no secret, student loan debt holders face a myriad of challenges: saving less for retirement, garnished wages, damaged credit, increased stress, mortgage and rent woes, loss of sleep and mental/physical health problems, just to name a few. Employees are looking to their employers for help, and it is a deciding factor when seeking employment .

Collaborating with 138 ESA Agencies
ISLoan Solutions, an AESA business partner since 2015, collaborates with 138 AESA agencies and has educated more than 150,000 employees on opportunities to save a significant amount of money on their student loans through forgiveness and refinancing.
ESAs that invested in providing the voluntary Student Loan Relief Benefit to their service area districts means employees save money on student loans, and the results can be life changing.

From a Member
Charles F. Mahoney, III, Executive Director of Intermediate Unit #1 in Coal Center, PA, has this to say,

“ISLoan Solutions makes it so easy for us to implement this voluntary benefit in our districts; it’s beneficial not just for the employee, but our districts as well. District employees working with ISLoan Solutions have seen an average 82% reduction in their monthly loan payments and are projected to receive an average of $82,244 in tax free loan forgiveness.” 
You Share. We Educate. They Decide.
Tammy Bedinghaus, SVP of Businesses Development, sums up the mission of ISLoan Solutions this way,

“Our focus is to educate and empower employees with solutions to reduce their student loan debt, so they have more money to spend on what matters to them. Putting dollars directly back into your communities is a win-win for everyone. It’s as easy as sharing an email, and your employees and districts will love you for it.”
You share. We educate. They Decide. For more information about how you can help your service area district employees reduce their student loan stress, contact: