A Resource from the Coalition to Support Grieving Children

This is a time of year when families may celebrate many fall traditions. Among them is the Day of the Dead.

Festivals, parades, and group celebrations held on November 1-2 during All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Da are used in some cultures to remember and honor friends and family members who have died. Many children may embrace the rich cultural traditions of the Day of the Dead as a way to maintain their family legacy and their continuing bond with their deceased loved one.

Grief triggers, sudden reminders of the person who died that cause powerful emotional responses, can unsettle other grieving students. Often, by expecting triggers, education professionals can help minimize their effect.

This helpful resource provides tips about talking to children when traditions trigger strong, emotional responses.

The Coalition to Support Grieving Students provided this resource. AESA is a proud supporter of this non-profit organization.