Exploring the future of AESA; Help provide hurricane relief to schools
News and updates from AESA: September 19, 2017
The Executive Council is Thinking Ahead as it E stablishes the New  "Platforms Exploration Committee"
Exploring "Platforms" for AESA
The Executive Council has approved an exploration committee to begin researching a new business model called "platforms."  This new business model has the potential to propel AESA into the future using technology to network our members.
How "Platforms" Work
An example of a business that works on a platform model is Uber.  Uber as a company owns the electronic platform where business is exchanged.  Both drivers and riders access the electronic platform to connect with one another and make a business transaction.  The rider goes onto the platform to request a ride and the driver responds to pick up the rider.  The cost of the ride is all done on the Uber platform via credit card without any paper money exchanged.  The same concept holds true for Airbnb and hundreds of other businesses.  As a matter of fact, the fastest growing companies today have made the switch to platform business models. 
Is It Right for AESA?
The Platform Exploratory Committee will be exploring AESA's place in the platform business model.  We will be looking at questions such as:
  • How can a platform business model help ESAs exchange services with one another?  
  • How would it support networking opportunities? 
  • Would it be a model that our business partners might be interested in?  

Clearly there are more questions than answers right now.  We will certainly keep you informed through the Online News and at the Annual Conference as we learn more about "platforms." 

AESA and our members are the institutions that are in the right place to change the education world.  Moving to a platform business model just may be the vehicle needed to get us there!
Learn More!
Here are some articles about platforms if you are interested in learning more!
Last Call! 
Reminder: The Federal Advocacy Conference 
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Important News about the Annual Conference
Here's the news we reported on Facebook and our website. You will also see it in future confirmation emails (if you haven't already).


Please note that AESA exhibitors and attendees have reported receiving fraudulent calls from firms claiming to work with AESA on hotel reservations but this is NOT the case.

AESA does not utilize a third party contractor for housing and the ONLY way to make a hotel reservation for the Annual Conference is to register for the conference as noted and then you will be provided with a link to the hotel reservation site.

Please do not make your hotel reservations any other way. Feel free to contact us at info@aesa.us with any questions.
AESA Member News:

Pass it on:  Texas ESAs helping schools affected by Hurricane Harvey . . .
Texas ESCs Establish Funds
AESA is sharing information received as part of the Hurricane Relief Efforts initialized by ESAs.
The school districts in regions affected by Hurricane Harvey are currently sharing their needs with their ESCs. 

The Texas ESCs learned 10+ years ago with Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike that the simplest and easiest way to provide help is through monetary donations.  Donation of materials requires shipping, warehousing, sorting and distributions matched to needs.  All of this is time and labor intensive.

All of the ESCs are collecting funds that can be donated to the districts to meet localized needs.  All of these funds are being handled in accordance with GASB standards for money donated to a government entity for a specific purpose, in this case hurricane relief efforts.  Here are the donation links:
Region 2 ESC is in Corpus Christi and schools in its region suffered direct damage from the hurricane itself.  You can donate to help schools in the region at:   http://www.esc2.net/harvey.asp
Region 3 ESC school districts are located to the south and southwest of Houston and also received considerable damage from the hurricane itself.  Donations to aid those schools can be made at:  http://www.esc3.net/Page/856
The Houston area is served by Region 4 ESC.  As most of you have seen in the media, the damage in this region was created by catastrophic flooding.  The donation link for Region 4's districts is at:   Support 4 Our Schools. 
AESA Alumni Invite All AESA Members to Travel Abroad!

This is an exciting 11-day tour of Portugal! 
Details are in the link below.  When contacting Adventures Abroad or to register, please use the trip code of AEPO

If you have any questions, please contact Ron Fielder, Alumni Director at rsf2919@aol.com

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