September 1, 2020
E-Classrooms Start Again in the Fall
Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!
The fall session of the AESA e-Classroom will be starting in September. Please visit the AESA website for more information!
AESA Sends Letter to Congress Opposing Funding For Private Schools in
Next COVID Package
AESA, which participates in the National Coalition for Public Education, organized a coalition letter to Congress urging House and Senate leaders to reject the GOP COVID-5 proposal that would funnel billions of dollars to private schools. Congress has already provided private schools with billions of dollars in relief funds, including for wealthy schools with high tuition, large endowments, and affluent students.

Congress has already created a situation where private K-12 schools have received a disproportionately large share of federal resources when compared to public schools. Accordingly, the letter states that the next coronavirus relief legislation should support our public schools, rather than siphoning funding away from the public schools to fund private schools through direct grants or voucher programs.
USDA Temporarily Extends COVID-19
Summer Nutrition Waivers
On Thursday, August 20, 2020, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) issued the following nationwide waiver extensions.

Specifically, these extensions will enable districts that have not begun the 2020-21 school year to continue their summer food service operations through September 30, 2020, or for the duration of summer operations, whichever is earlier. While the USDA did extend the nationwide non-congregate, meal service time, meal pattern flexibility, and parent pick-up waivers for the duration of the 2020-21 school year, these waivers did not apply to districts that will begin their calendar year in early to late September, and as such, are able to run the Summer Food Service and Seamless Summer Option Programs until that time.
The good news here is that the USDA's measure will provide school districts that haven't begun the calendar year with an additional month to operate their current summer programs, which because of Area Eligibility will enable schools to feed all students presenting at sites in need. The bad news is that these extensions provide no relief to districts running hybrid or remote online learning models. 
Looking ahead, AESA will continue pressing the Department and the Hill for a permanent fix to this issue. It's clear we're facing an uphill battle on extending the waivers, so stay tuned to see how you can get involved. 
Business Partner News
Introducing STOPit SafeScreen
COVID-19 Health Reporting System
There are significant challenges to keeping everyone using our school campuses and administrative buildings safe from COVID-19. Current deterrents, such as masks, social distancing, and handwashing are helping. However, they are not solutions for preventing at-risk or infected individuals from entering your school buildings and unintentionally spreading infection.
Among the many mandates schools must accommodate for re-opening, most states and counties require that individuals conduct - and pass - a health screening before they enter school buildings. This mandate is well-intentioned but rarely includes a detailed solution or additional resources to implement that solution.
Turn-Key Solution
To help you navigate these risks and mandates, STOPit Solutions, the leader in safe and secure digital reporting solutions, has created STOPit SafeScreen, a HIPAA-compliant web-based app that uses CDC and NIH-based guidelines to instantly screen-out and alert you of at-risk or infected individuals BEFORE they enter your buildings.

STOPit SafeScreen is the only comprehensive solution to COVID-19 screening that provides an exceptional user experience with minimal setup and management time, and all at a subscription rate that every organization can afford. SafeScreen users enjoy:

●     Quick-start setup
●     Intuitive user interfaces
●     24/7 customer support
●     Daily automated alerts w/links to the screener
●     Instant assessment of pass/fail status
●     Instant-alert system for failed screenings
●     Digital entry pass: “Clear to Enter,” “Do Not Enter,” or “Expired”
●     Real-time reporting via an online dashboard
●     Built-in 2-way chat
●     Document upload feature for doctor’s notes and test results
●     Customized screening questions, diagnostics, and reporting
Privacy is Paramount
Of course, privacy and data protection are of paramount importance. All SafeScreen data is instantly and securely stored in the cloud and meets a broad set of international privacy and compliance standards.
Data is owned and managed by the school and is HIPAA-compliant, meaning all data collected has both administrative and technical safeguards to protect against inappropriate access and disclosures.
Learn More
STOPit SafeScreen helps keep at-risk and infected individuals from spreading or infecting others while also helping to meet state and local mandates.
Contact STOPit Solutions today to learn more about how SafeScreen can assist your schools with COVID-19 related risk management issues and help protect everyone’s health and welfare.

Click below to learn more, schedule a demonstration, or get started:

You can also reach us by calling 1-855-999-0932 or emailing

Attend the WEBINAR TODAY, September 1 for a product demonstration!

STOPit SafeScreen
September 1, 2020
2:00 pm Eastern

Join us to learn more about STOPit SafeScreen, a new HIPAA-compliant health reporting system that screens, identifies, and stops COVID-19 exposed or symptomatic individuals BEFORE they enter your schools.

This webinar will be 45 minutes in length and include a live Q&A.
Siemens/Sourcewell 2-Part Webinar
September 2, 2020
9:30 -11 AM Central
Online Webinar

Part 1:
The average public agency uses cooperative purchasing for twenty percent of their spend and is trending upward. Cooperative procurement strives to help public agencies be more efficient in their purchasing process.  
Learn how Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing program can simplify your purchasing process and become part of your strategic sourcing plan. This session will introduce Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing program, share the value of cooperative purchasing, and explain the process for utilizing a cooperative contract.

 Part 2:

As a critical infrastructure company, Siemens is leveraging smart building solutions to increase the protection of  building occupants during the ongoing fight against COVID-19 and beyond. Siemens has safer and healthier indoor environments – from offices to factories, healthcare facilities to municipal buildings, elementary schools to universities – that help America both fight the spread of the virus and safely reopen the economy. 
Learn about the Siemens suite of Smart Building Solutions designed to target COVID and yield healthier and occupant-friendly indoor environments, which can be purchased using Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contracts. 
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Calling All Entrepreneurial ESAs: 
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Business Strategy Framework (Virtual)
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October 20, 21, 27, 28, 2020; 2 - 5 pm (EST)
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