May 16, 2017
Federal Advocacy - Your voice is needed!
We urge you to take action!

There is so much happening in Washington DC right now.  Noelle Ellerson Ng, AESA Federal Legislative Liaison, has prepared this May legislative update. Your continued advocacy is very important.

Meet Duncan Simester, PhD
featured presenter at AESA's
Summer Leadership Conference

Duncan Simester is an expert on how economics and operations research contributes to the understanding and practice of marketing and strategy.

He will lead the first morning of the Summer Leadership Conference, and present a framework for investigating if and how strategic partnerships can add value to your ESAs bottomline.

His work is widely published in the academic literature and the findings are also relevant to ESAs. Duncan has his Ph.D. from MIT, where he is currently a faculty member. He holds the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Chair in Management Science. Prior to joining the faculty at MIT, he was a professor at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He is also a qualified lawyer and member of the Bar in his native New Zealand. 

AFFINITY GROUPS have grown again.
Make your connection to other AESA members about topics important to you!
Communications, Marketing and Outreach Affinity Group
This is a professional learning community for individuals at ESAs around the country with a job function, interest, or expertise related to marketing, branding, communications, social media, public relations, more. 
Lead Contact: Amy Grover, (MN)

Open Educational Resources (OER) Affinity Group
Explore how ESA services can support the transition from traditional paper textbooks and materials toward various Open Education Resource (OER) materials for online and face to face instruction. 
Webinar - Learn more about OER and #GoOPEN
Webinar with Kristina Peters, recent fellow at the U.S. Department of Education 
May 17, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. via  Zoom.

To join webinar or get more information:
Lead Contact:  Evan Abbey, (IA)

AESA Business Partner News: 
Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC)

Isn't it about time that your districts  took a real look at their curriculum?

 "Our goal is to combine our award-winning curriculum management platform with your organization's professional development and leadership skills to deliver a high impact, cost effective solution to districts."  

Hoping for student success can only go so far, but planning for and expecting it is a game changer! Experts in education agree that the single-most important way to create sustainable student growth in the classroom is with a guaranteed and viable curriculum.

BuildYourOwnCurriculum (BYOC) provides simple-to-use tools making this a reality for the districts you service. Our teacher-friendly curriculum framework helps to develop standards-aligned curriculum and lesson plans, organize teacher resources, and ensure transparency to students and parents. 

However, even the best tools can't drive district-wide success on their own. For this reason, we have chosen to collaborate with educational service agencies across the country.  Our goal is to combine our award-winning curriculum management platform with your organization's professional development and leadership skills to deliver a high impact, cost effective solution to districts. 

How BYOC works with Educational Service Agencies

The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center (Greenbush), is one of the agencies that we've partnered with.  Michael Koonce, the Director of Learning Services for Greenbush, knows that school districts face a variety of choices for products to assist in managing school and district operations. "We did the research and we put curriculum tools to the test. BYOC is our number one solution we offer to our districts as a powerful curriculum and instruction management tool." mentioned Koonce. "School districts do not have the time or desire to implement multiple tools to manage separate aspects of teaching and learning." Koonce added, "We hit a home run with BYOC."

Read the full story of how Greenbush has expanded their professional services, and how other agencies are partnering with BYOC to do the same. Click here for the full story.
For more information on BYOC, to see a product tour, or to discuss partnership opportunities, please visit our website, or contact us @ 800-596-0735 x803 today!