May 19, 2015
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Lee Warne
Executive Director

Peter Young
Chief Financial Officer
Executives in Residence - Applications are Still Open

This is one terrific opportunity for leadership professional development for anyone looking to move into a CEO position or to enhance their leadership skills.  Opportunity to expand your network and connect with some of the top leaders in our field are part of this year long process.  Benefits come to your home agency as well as to you individually.  There are still a few slots open but you will want to act soon. Check out the application here.

Old Computers You Want to Recycle and Get Some Cash?   Check this flyer out!

 Vintage Tech Recyclers in Cooperation with AESA

All AESAs and your school districts - if you are looking to upgrade your iPads or other Apple equipment, give Vintage Tech a call.  Linked above is a flyer you can share with your member school districts.  They offer complete transparency, a detailed reconciliation report, top of the line data security, and payment made promptly and fully.  In addition, there will be a 1% administration fee administered to each agency of the net purchased price. 
AESA Marketplace
The AESA Marketplace is a place for our members to do ESA to ESA business, a place to promote products and services developed by and for ESAs.  You can share successful programs or services or sell services and programs to each other.  There is no charge for member ESAs to utilize the AESA Marketplace.  To access this service, please complete  this form and submit to  Postings will be for six months at a time with possibility for extension.  AESA reserves the right to determine postings and control of the Marketplace for the benefit of our members.
ESA Benchmarking Project
The opportunity to participate in the ESA Benchmarking Project is available.  Your agency can register for the survey here - create your identity - then input your data.  You can input data at anytime.  The information collected through this effort will be utilized by participant organizations and state networks of ESAs to enable organizational benchmarking and to share best practices.  Some wonderful opportunities have been found by those who have already participated, using comparative information to support their agencies.  We hope you will consider being part of this process.
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