April 24, 2015
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Executive Director

Peter Young
Chief Financial Officer
Looking For Your Stories about E-Rate ...
Noelle Ellerson, our legislative liaison, is looking for success stories around the new E-rate regulations.  She is looking for compelling anecdotes about the new regulations and what that has meant to schools.  Please share with her here.
Upcoming Summer Leadership Conference - July 14-16th - Pittsburgh, PA
Fifty-four people have already registered for The Business of the ESA Enterprise: Managing Human Capital in the Contemporary ESA!  Act now to register for this valuable learning experience as we only have 150 slots open for this event.  For more information, go to  and review the Summer Leadership Conference Program Brochure.  Registration is available online. If you are one of the ESAs that cannot make registrations/reservations until the actual start of the 7/1/15 fiscal year, please email Peter Young at and request that a place be held for you.  We look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh!
AESA Marketplace
The AESA Marketplace is a place for our members to do ESA to ESA business, a place to promote products and services developed by and for ESAs.  You can share successful programs or services or sell services and programs to each other.  There is no charge for member ESAs to utilize the AESA Marketplace -
Executive in Residence - Applications are Open

The Executive in Residence Program is a year long, performance-based opportunity that:

  • includes a strong mentor component by CEOs of the Council and host organizations
  • provides access to a variety of leadership experiences
  • works in a cohort model providing national networking and communication
The program commencing in July of each year will prepare our next generation of CEOs with the needed skills.  We look forward to your application to this opportunity in leadership in the fastest growing education sector in our community.Check out the  Program Brochure and  Application Form
Member Benefits - Check this out and maybe save some money
Member Benefits is a line of risk management opportunities for ESAs and their members - called "Member Benefit Services."  These services could also be something ESAs could offer to their members.  Click  Member Benefit Services to see these opportunities.  Call 507-401-3306 for more information.