AFC Member Update
16 March, 2020
Dear Fellow Artists,

Sending strength and resolve to all friends and colleagues around the world who are being impacted by the novel Coronavirus. During this stressful and distracting time, AFC artists know as well as anyone, the positive effects that Nature can have on the soul and indeed our physical and mental health - whether going for a long walk or simply watching wildlife in our backyard. 

A reminder that registration for the 2020 Artists for Conservation exhibit is open, and the deadline for receiving submissions is May 5. If you haven’t already downloaded the prospectus, please do so.
Despite the evolving situation with COVID-19, I wanted to take this opportunity to emphasize to members that the show will go on. AFC is in the very fortunate position of having a virtual exhibit infrastructure already in place. We remain optimistic we will see a return to normalcy over the course of the next few months and continue to plan for our festival as scheduled this fall and the tour to the James Museum in Florida approximately one year from now. 

We will be sending a more detailed update very soon as well, regarding the planned Silent Skies Mural exhibit and scheduled festivities planned across the city of St. Louis, Missouri. To ensure the people of St. Louis have a chance to see the mural in all its splendor, the opening dates are being delayed (exact dates TBA). AFC will also be extending the exhibit over the summer months. For many of us, travel in the near-term is no longer an option so we will keep you updated on specific developments very soon.

In addition, we will be shortly announcing a couple of new opportunities (which ironically involve travel) including an India Tiger Safari with renowned AFC artist Ed Spera and Wild Cat Expeditions, and a new AFC Marine Explorers trip with AFC master marine artist, Guy Harvey. Be on the lookout in a separate announcement after we assess and confirm timing and details. For anyone interested, the second Kenya Safari this November is still on-track and a few spaces still remain.

Most, if not all of us will be experiencing reduced commitments for public events in the coming weeks, which I suggest is a wonderful opportunity for us to all do more of what we do best – celebrating the beauty of nature in our art. We can also use the time to share with others, the importance of Nature in our lives for global and personal well-being.

We look forward to an amazing 10th anniversary festival this fall along with a veritable explosion of new creative works... Once the disinfectant clears and we lay down our creative tools to come together in camaraderie once again for our amazing planet.
Yours in art, conservation and solidarity for a swift and healthy return to normalcy,

Jeff Whiting
President & Founder
Simon Combes Award Ceremonies
On January 25, Priscilla Baldwin was presented with AFC's 2019 Simon Combes Award at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. AFC members attended the presentation, the opening reception for the 2019 AFC Exhibit tour and a preview of the new film "Pride - The Lions of Soysambu". See the photos on Facebook (Above photo, Guy Combes presents Combes Award tropy to Priscilla Baldwin)
Free Digital Issue of Arabella Magazine
Featured in the image above, is AFC Simon Combes Award recipient, Priscilla Baldwin's art on the March 2020 cover and page 41-42 for feature article. Courtesy of our magazine sponsor, Arabella,  click here to read the issue. Use login: "Arabella" / password: "ArabellaMarch"
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