Dear Fellow AFC Artists,

A new year is upon us and we're off to a quick start. Lots is going on at AFC and it's clear we all have our work cut out for us with fires raging in Australia and Amazon, against serious global political headwinds.

Several of you have reached out with interest in using your art to lend a hand to conservation efforts in fire-ravaged Australia. As a result we're working on launching a brand new program that will provide all members with a set of online tools to join with other members to create and independently run a benefit campaign for any cause, any time. More on this soon.

For now, we're looking forward to seeing many of you this weekend at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Key activities and times are posted below for your convenience.

Thanks to all for reminding the world everyday how beautiful and precious nature is.

Your friend in art and conservation,


Jeffrey Whiting,
President & Founder, Artists for Conservation