AFC Member Update
27 March, 2020
Dear Fellow Artists and Conservationists,

A unique time like the one we are all living through now merits both reflection and envisioning what MORE we can do together.

It is difficult to adapt to what is an evolving and unprecedented situation in the world today. The uncertainty facing us all is unsettling but the world slowing down has also had a positive impact already. Skies over large cities are clearing as are usually overburdened waterways such as the canals of Venice, where fish can now be seen swimming. We’ve already proven that the world can stand as a whole to confront a common threat. For many, this is a time to re-evaluate what is most important such as more time with family, more time with nature in our own backyard, and more time in the studio.

As conservation artists, this is our time! 

We are already wired for long contemplative stretches, away from crowds. Much of the world’s population must now learn to live and work at home or in isolation. For most of us this is old-hat. AFC members are uniquely positioned to make an enormous difference at this juncture. Society needs hope and reminders of the beauty of nature more than ever. This is a remarkable opportunity for AFC and each of us to take an increased role to help wildlife and wild places. Many conservation non-profits will also need our help to survive the pandemic and its economic fallout, and one way or another critical conservation work must continue.

Our Next Big Project
We’ve seen what we can achieve with our first collaborative project – the Silent Skies Mural. When it premiered 18 months ago at the world’s most important event for bird studies, the unveiling brought many to tears. In the months ahead, how we can focus our collective energies towards our NEXT BIG PROJECT? 170 members participated in the Silent Skies Mural. I would love to see everyone take part in the next! We're looking for your ideas for a possible next big project. Send us an email or login and post your suggestion from your dashboard (see right side under Membership Dues).
AFC 2020 Exhibit
I’m excited to see that many of you have already submitted art for this year’s AFC exhibit. Your participation is as important as ever as so many arts and cultural events in the first half of this year have had to be cancelled around the globe.

AFC’s exhibit promises to be a brighter beacon than ever. Support yourself, AFC and conservation by being a part of it. If you haven’t already downloaded the prospectus, please do so. The exhibit will go ahead and deadline to receive submissions is May 5, 2020.
Your Online Art & Conservation Community
AFC is in the enviable position among art organizations of always having relied on virtual/online programming, from the virtual exhibit to our remote digital jurying process, professional artist websites and the largest online gallery of nature art in the world. As a member, you have a very powerful, beautiful, easy-to-use website at your disposal – from eCommerce online selling to workshop postings, blogs, slideshows and support for videos and more. Over half of our members have yet to take advantage of AFC's new generation powerful online presence that is available to them. If your new-generation AFC site is not up and live, now is the time to do it. Send us an email if you need help. Your site can be put up in a couple of hours.

So… Stay healthy, use the coming months to make an even bigger difference, and help nature heal us all.
Yours in art, conservation and solidarity for a swift and healthy return to normalcy,

Jeff Whiting
President & Founder
Artists for Conservation is the world's leading group of artists supporting the environment. Founded in 1997, the non-profit organization comprises a membership of 500 of the world's most gifted nature artists from 27 countries, across five continents. Our mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation and environmental education through art that celebrates nature.