AFC Newsletter Special Edition | April 22, 2020


Today is #EarthDay2020, marking 50 years of action for our planet with a digital call to action. 

Tune in to Earth Day Live April 22-24 to watch, discuss and participate in a livestream featuring stories, performances and opportunities for digital collective action. We support science and we believe everyone can make a difference!

The uncertainty facing us all during this pandemic is unsettling but the world slowing down has also had a positive impact already. Skies over large cities are clearing as are usually overburdened waterways such as the canals of Venice, where fish can now be seen swimming. 

At AFC, we are reminded everyday of the power of our planet through artistic visual experiences. How we experience and appreciate art has changed for the time being but not forever. We encourage you to visit our virtual exhibits and, if you can, invest in art by AFC members. By doing so, you will be supporting both the arts and the natural world. 
Visit our Virtual Exhibits Online
AFC Films Now Streaming Online
All three of AFC's films are now available for viewing online.
Retrace the footsteps of a legendary explorer deep into the Congo, and learn the story of an artist who saved the Mountain Gorilla from extinction and helped found Africa’s first National Park a century ago.
Experience Africa and the story of one of the world’s most successful wildlife painters who fought to conserve endangered species and one of Kenya’s most precious and unique areas.
Learn how a marine artist-biologist Guy Harvey is championing marine conservation efforts and how artists is working to help protect an underwater paradise and share it with the world before it is lost.
AFC Youth Education
Artists for Conservation has been developing and delivering youth programming in association with its festivals since 2011. In 2017, AFC started offering remote learning programs, which are now freely available to classrooms around the world. Learn more...
We look forward to celebrating with you in person and through an increasing number of ways the AFC Festival this fall in Vancouver. This year will mark our 10th anniversary of our annual festival. 

Save the dates: October 1-4, 2020

Stay safe and healthy!

Yours in art & conservation,

Jeff Whiting
AFC Founder & President

Artists for Conservation is the world's leading group of artists supporting the environment. Founded in 1997, the non-profit organization comprises a membership of 500 of the world's most gifted nature artists from 27 countries, across five continents. Our mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation and environmental education through art that celebrates nature.

Image Credits: Header image: Painting by David N. Kitler; Youth education banner: Depicting artist Joseph Koensgen and photo by Anna-Louise Pickering.