Hello AFDS Families,

As you know, effective February 28th, the Commonwealth discontinued its statewide mask mandate and as a private business we have decided to wait 1 more week to make our decision.

As of this Monday, March 7th, A Fine Dance Studio will institute "mask choice". Parents may choose if they would like their children to continue wearing masks. Any individual who wishes to continue to mask or not wear a mask, will be supported in that choice. 

We want to stress that all families have different circumstances, and will make their decisions based on those situations. We will continue to be an inclusive and supportive community at AFDS and we are happy to support each family's choice.

As always we ask those children with a fever or symptoms to stay home and join us on zoom or do a make up class at another time. For the meantime we will continue to take temperatures as this has actually helped us in a few instances when a child didn't realize they had a temperature.


  • March 7th - mask choice begins (we can't wait to see everyones smiles)
  • Please bring a mask for situations that you feel you might need one.
  • In the hallways we will continue to encourage social distancing and of course recommend pulling up your mask if you feel you are unable to maintain distance.
  • In class we will encourage the faculty to raise their mask as they get close to students to give them correction, but we trust their judgement as well and respect their choice.

Thank you sincerely for your cooperation. We know this is going to a difficult transition for some people and we are here to support everyone.


Miss Abigail, Miss Robin & the entire AFDS family