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Message from AFE's New President, Chris Dicus
I am totally excited (and humbled... and a little dazed...) to take over the reins of leadership of AFE.  What a long, strange trip it's been from setting my first wildfire at the tender age of 6 (whoops!) to being on the AFE Board of Directors for the last 11 years to assuming the role as your new President. Know that your current AFE leadership is comprised of amazingly competent and hard-working people, which is critical to moving us forward (and to allowing me to sleep easier at night!).

Regarding my (way-over-ambitious) vision for our future, I want to prioritize the following:
  • Financial stability: We've come a long way from discussions a decade ago on whether we would be able to continue on as an organization due to finances. To continue doing the very good work that we do, we must diversify how we fund our organization's activities and provide for long-term stability.
  • Greater diversity of our members:  One of our strengths is that we are a very fun, congenial group of people that simply like each other.  That said, know that AFE is committed to expanding opportunities for diverse voices to be heard.  We WILL have an organization that is a safe and inclusive place for all our members, regardless of gender, ethnicity, geographic area, political leanings, etc.  
  • Expansion of our reach with fire managers: The overarching tenet of AFE is "Promoting fire ecology research, education, and management."  While we have excelled in the first two, we simply cannot be an effective organization if we do not more effectively  engage with the fire management community.  Thus, we will endeavor to bring more people "doing the stuff" into the AFE fold.  
Know that AFE is FOR our members. All we do as a Board and as Committee Members is out of love for our colleagues and our chosen field of study.  Just as important, AFE is BY our members.  You have a role to play and we want to empower you to go forth and do great things!  To that end, please, please, please let us know how you feel you can best contribute to this organization that we all love.

With deep respect,
Chris Dicus
President, Association for Fire Ecology

P.S. Don't worry, my super-amazing predecessor, Leda Kobziar, still loves AFE and our shared mission and will continue to be involved in the Education and Journal Committees. Yay!     

 2018 AFE
Board of Directors
Chris Dicus, President
California Polytechnic
State University
San Luis Obispo, CA

Karin Riley, Vice President
US Forest Service
Missoula, MT

Jessica Miesel, Secretary
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI

Christopher Dunn
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

Sharon Hood
US Forest Service
Missoula, MT

Bob Keane
US Forest Service
Missoula, MT

Eric Knapp
US Forest Service
Redding, CA

Sam Lindblom
The Nature Conservancy
Charlottesville, VA

Rachel Loehman
US Geological Survey
Anchorage, AK

Sarah McCaffrey
US Forest Service
Fort Collins, CO

Penelope Morgan
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID

Diego Pérez Salicrup
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Zachary Prusak
The Nature Conservancy
Longwood, FL

Francisco Seijo
Middlebury C.V. Starr School
Madrid, Spain

Gus Smith
US Forest Service
Ely, MN

Adam Watts
Desert Research Institute
Reno, NV
Congratulations to the 2017 Certified Wildland Fire Professionals!

The Association for Fire Ecology's Wildland Fire Professional Certification Program is designed to further ecologically-based fire science and management, to formally identify fire careers as vital professions, to set standards for the preparation of future fire professionals, and to document the education, experience, and training qualifications of members of the fire ecology and management profession.

Congratulations to the following individuals who were certified in 2017!

Fire Ecologist
Monica Rother
Monique Wynecoop  
Petronila Esther Mandeno

Fire Manager
Timothy R. Tunnell

Fire Practitioner
Lindsay M. Grayson
Molly Retzlaff
William A. McCrady

Senior Fire Manager
Hugh Scanlon
Richard Lasko

Learn more about the Wildland Fire Professional Certification and the Wildland Fire Academic Program Certification.

Mark Your Calendars: The application deadline for 2018 certification is July 1.

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2017 AFE Annual Report
Find out what AFE has been doing! Our 2017 Annual Report shares information about membership, partnerships and collaborations, our commitment to increasing diversity, budget allocation, the 2017 Fire Congress, and more.
Fire Congress Videos Now Available
Video recordings of the 2017 Fire Congress are now available! Watch presentations from all the plenary sessions, 4 special sessions, and 1 workshop. Thanks to the presenters and our partners at UF/IFAS Extension and the Southern Fire Exchange for making this excellent resource available!

Plenary Sessions
  • Opening Plenary: A 20-Year Reflection on Fire Ecology and Management
  • Closing Plenary: A Look into the Future of Fire Ecology and Management
  • Fire AFEx Talks 
Special Sessions
  • The Southern Appalachian Wildfires of 2016
  • Prescribed Burn Associations: Landowners Effectively Applying Fire to the Land
  • Exploring Past and Future Roles of the Cooperative Extension Service in US Fire Education
  • Prescribed Fire Science: An Interdisciplinary Focus on Fire We Use
  • FireWorks Educational Program with Short Activities Demonstration
Fire Ecology Journal: Exciting Changes Ahead!
This spring of 2018, Fire Ecology will make an important move to a commercial publisher that will provide a state-of-the-art online submission system and a high-quality publication system to catalog and download all accepted papers. This move is intended to advance the Journal so that it will rank among the very best journals in wildland fire science. There are also plans to move all previously published papers over to the new system for science delivery. Look for more information coming soon about the new journal website and format, and plan to submit your next paper to Fire Ecology!
World of Wildland Fire Videos
As part of AFE's Education Committee, the Wildland Fire Education and Training Collaborative (WETC) is producing a video series called The World of Wildland Fire. These free wildland fire instructional videos provide both basic fire science and more advanced wildland fire topics. Several videos have been completed and are now available at
A Note of Thanks
Join Us in Missoula This May:
Early Registration Ends Today, January 31!
The Association for Fire Ecology and International Association of Wildland Fire have partnered to bring you an enlightening and innovative event! This not to be missed event will be held on the beautiful University campus in Missoula, Montana the week of May 21 - 24, 2018.
Wildland fire science and management are defined by continuums. The Fire Continuum Conference will take you on a journey from science and management activities that take place before a wildfire occurs through the post fire activities and fire ecology.

Visit the conference website for a full listing of our Plenary and Panel Sessions. We have already accepted 19 Special Sessions and 14 Workshops. We also have 5 great Field Trips we are offering on Wednesday afternoon. Register soon to secure your spot!

The Call for Presentations is open through February 6th--Submit your proposal for an Oral Presentation, Micro-Talk or Poster Presentation.
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