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Dates & Deadlines

Appalachian Conference

EXTENDED: Poster Submissions will be accepted until available spaces are filled

7/9-Early Bird Registration ends

8/15-TREE grants for Appalachian Conference

8/15-Nominations for Stoddard Award and Student Awards

9/1-Late Registration begins

9/1-Abstracts due for all invited presenters

9/1-Last day for invited presenters to register


Large Fires Conference

Now Open-Call for Attached Meetings, Workshops & Special Sessions proposals

8/1-Call for papers opens

8/15-Call for workshops closes

9/1-Early Bird Registration opens     


Certification Program

8/16-Deadline for Wildland Fire Professional Certification Application

8/16-Deadline for Wildland Fire Academic Program Certification Application

AFE Mission and Vision

Mission: AFE is an organization of professionals dedicated to improving the knowledge and use of fire in land management through science and education.

Vision:  The vision for AFE is that our membership of respected professionals from around the world together play a key role in wildland fire and fire ecology research, education, management, and policy, to enhance our knowledge and management of fire as a fundamental ecological process.
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In Honor of the Granite Mountain Hotshots

The Association for Fire Ecology would like to send our sincerest condolences to the community of Prescott, Arizona and the friends and family of the 19 hotshot crew members who were tragically lost in the Yarnell Hill Fire.  


We would like to share this information from the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and we encourage you to support the families through this foundation.  

"When wildfires threaten our homes, property, and the natural resources we treasure, wildland fire fighters from across the nation respond. They work long hours in difficult and often dangerous conditions on the ground and in the air to provide skilled and professional fire suppression services to the citizens of our country. When a wildland firefighter is seriously injured or killed in the line of duty, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation is there to provide emotional and financial assistance to their families. Help us by learning more about what wildland firefighters do, and by donating to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, so we can continue to help them."  

Visit their website to donate. 



AFE's Wildland Fire Professional Certification and Academic Program Certification Programs

The Association of Fire Ecology's Wildland Fire Professional Certification Program is designed to further ecologically-based fire science and management. The complexity and importance of fire science and management is increasing worldwide. To meet the increasing demands for effective analysis, decision-making, and workforce development in the changing fire landscape, we have developed a Wildland Fire Professional Certification for fire ecologists, managers, and technicians a Wildland Fire Academic Program Certification to recognize academic programs which prepare future fire professionals. Our overarching goal is to support fire ecology and ecologically-based fire management while advancing fire science and its application. 


This year's applications are due on August 16.  See our website for more details and application forms.  You must be an AFE member to apply for the Professional Certification.

AFE's Upcoming Conferences
 app fire conf header

This conference is designed for anyone with an interest in wildland fire in the Appalachian Region.  It promises to be unique in that it will be a conference about wildland fire in the Appalachians that is held in the Appalachians.  This event is not a research symposium and it's not a managers meeting-it's both!  The objective of the Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists and the Association for Fire Ecology is for fire managers and researchers to learn from each other so they can better understand problems specific to the highly diverse Appalachian Mountains and to work together to solve those problems.


Poster Abstracts Submission Deadline Extended.We have a limited number of spaces, and we will keep it open until they are filled.  

REGISTER SOON to get the lowest possible registration rate. Early Bird Discount ends July 9. 

Nominations currently being accepted for the our Stoddard Lifetime Achievement award and our Student Excellence Awards.  The deadlines is Aug. 15; you must be an AFE member to nominate.

TREE Student Travel Grants are due Aug. 15. 

Download a printable flyer for the Wildland Fire in the Appalachian Conference (this is the same flyer that was in last month's mailing but with links to the web).

View our Program on line.


large fire conf masthead 

The causes and effects of large wildland fires are the subjects of great debate among fire researchers, managers, and policymakers.  Are large wildfires unnatural events, causing great ecological harm that should be suppressed at all costs?  Or could they provide opportunities to reduce fuel loads and restore ecosystems altered by past fire exclusion, and improve resiliency in the face of ongoing climate change?  What are the latest research findings, management treatments, and policy initiatives addressing large wildfires?  Join us for this unique event co-hosted by the Association for Fire Ecology and the International Association of Wildland Fire with support by the Joint Fire Science Program.


Call for Attached Meetings, Workshops, and Special Sessions now open.

Download a printable flyer for the Large Wildland Fires Conference  

 JFSP Funding Opportunities for 2014
The interagency Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) intends to request proposals through one or more formal Funding Opportunity Notice (FON) announcements beginning approximately October 1, 2013 and remaining open through November 22, 2013. The intent of this notice is to provide an early alert to investigators interested in the topics listed below so that investigators can begin considering responsive ideas with potential partners and collaborators. Potential topics respond to the three goals of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy:
  1. Restore and maintain resilient landscapes
    • Fuels treatment effectiveness across landscapesJFSP new logo
    • Fuels treatment effectiveness across landscapes

    • Wildfire effects on water supplies

    • Re-measurement - long term effects on vegetation, fuels, and soil 

  2. Create fire-adapted communities
    • Smoke emissions contributing to secondary organic aerosols
    • Wildland fires impacts on large population centers
  3. Safe and effective wildfire response
    • Influence of past wildfires on wildfire management strategies and cost
  4. Responds to multiple Cohesive Strategy goals
    • A. New science initiative - social science

    • Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) award
    • Fire Science Exchange - Washington DC, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast

 Download the Flyer Here for full details.