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It's Not Too Late To Apply for 2014 Certification to:
AFE's Wildland Fire Academic Program 
AFE's Wildland Fire Professional Program
Wildland Fire Academic Program Certification 


How will becoming AFE Certified help your program and your students?

With the many wildland fire programs to choose from, certified programs should attract more students into their programs. Students who graduate from an AFE Certified program will qualify for an expedited application process to become Certified Wildland Fire Professionals (read more about this program below).  Recognized programs will also be listed on the AFE website, in our newsletter, and in other AFE promotional materials.  


When is the Deadline and how much does it cost?

The deadline for application for this year is October 15, 2014. Institutional applicants will be notified by January 1, 2015. The application fee for the initial five year certification is $500. 

How do I apply?
To learn more about this program, we now have a comprehensive
Certification Guidebook.  Please read this before you apply. The application can be found on our website.

Join the Crowd!
During our first year of certification, we were pleased to certify 7 schools. Wouldn't you like to add your school's name to this list?
Wildland Fire Professional Certification 


Why has AFE developed this Certification Program?

The Association of Fire Ecology's Wildland Fire Professional Certification Program is designed to further ecologically-based fire science and management. To meet the increasing demands for effective analysis, decision-making, and workforce development in a the changing fire landscape, AFE has developed a Professional Certification Program for fire ecologists, managers, and technicians. The goals of the program are to formally identify fire careers as vital professions, to set standards for the preparation of future fire professionals, and to document the education, experience, and training qualifications of members of the fire ecology and management profession.


When is the Deadline and how much does it cost?

The deadline for application for this year is October 15, 2014. Individual applicants will be notified by January 1, 2015. The cost varies from $60-150, depending on the certification applied for. 

How do I apply?
Learn more about this program and apply on our website. 

Join the Crowd!
After 3 years of certifying Wildland Fire Professionals, we have too many to list here!  You can view all of our certified members, as well as their certification level on our website.
Upcoming Events

Wildland Fire Smoke Workshop: Smoke in the Air - What Does it Mean to ME?  Nov. 6-8 2014.  Albuquerque, NM.  Hosted by Southwest Fire Science Consortium and AFE.  View the Event Website.


AFE's 6th International Fire Ecology & Management Congress: Advancing Ecology in Fire Management. November 16-20, 2015. San Antonio, Texas, USA.  View the Event Website.