I t's Not Too Late to Apply for 2015 Certification!
AFE's Wildland Fire Professional Program
AFE's Wildland Fire Academic Program
Deadline for this year's consideration is 
July 1, 2015

Wildland Fire Professional Certification 


Why has AFE developed this Certification Program?

This Certification Program is designed to further ecologically-based fire science and management, to formally identify fire careers as vital professions, to set standards for the preparation of future fire professionals, and to document the education, experience, and training qualifications of members of the fire ecology and management profession.


When is the Deadline and how much does it cost?
This year's deadline for application is July 1, 2015.
The application cost ranges from $60-150, depending on the certification applied for.

How do I apply?
Learn more about this program with our new Professional Certification Guidebook, and apply on  our  website.  

Join the Crowd!
You can join the ranks of some of the profession's most esteemed members. View all of our certified members and their level on our website.  

Congratulations to our most recently certified professionals!

Fire Practitioners:  William Hiatt, Thom Dodd
Fire Ecologists: James Archiniega, Douglas Smith, Adam Watts, John Scasta, 
Kate Crosthwaite, C. Alina Cansler
Fire Managers:  Kelsy Gibos, Theodore Adams, Kate Crosthwaite, Donovan Birch
Senior Fire Ecologists:  Merrill Kaufmann, Chris Dicus
Senior Fire Managers:  Mary Barnwell
Wildland Fire Academic Program Certification 


How will becoming AFE Certified help your program and your students?

With the many wildland fire programs to choose from, certified programs should attract more students into their programs. Students who graduate from an AFE Certified program will qualify for an expedited application process to become Certified Wildland Fire Professionals. Recognized programs will be listed on the AFE website, in our newsletter, and in other AFE promotional materials.  


When is the Deadline and how much does it cost?
The deadline for application for this year is July 1, 2015. Institutional applicants will be notified by December 1, 2015.  The application fee for the initial five year certification is $500.
How do I apply?
To learn more about this program, we now have a comprehensive
Certification Guidebook.  Please read this before you apply. The application can be found on our website.

Join the Crowd!
We now have 8 certified Academic Programs, congratulations to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point for being the most recent school to get certified.
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