AFE is pleased to announce that we are now certifying
Wildland Fire Academic Programs
Wildland Fire Academic Program Certification 


Why has AFE developed this Certification Program?

The complexity and importance of wildland fire science, management, and decision-making is at an all-time high across the nation and worldwide. To meet current and future challenges of workforce development, analysis, and sound decision-making, AFE has created a certification process that formally recognizes academic excellence in wildland fire science and management programs. Our overarching goal is to support fire ecology and ecologically-based fire management, advance fire science and its application, and prepare future wildland fire professionals.


How will becoming AFE Certified help your program and your students?

With the many wildland fire programs to choose from, certified programs should attract more students into their programs. Students who graduate from and AFE Certified program will qualify for an expedited application process to become an AFE Certified Wildland Fire Manager, Ecologist, or Professional. Recognized programs will also be listed on the AFE website, in our newsletter, and in other AFE promotional materials.  


What is the timeline for Certification?

Yours can be one of the first programs to be so recognized when we announce the results at the 5th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress in Portland in early December 2012! The deadline for application for this year is Sept. 15, 2012. Institutional applicants will be notified by December 2012.


How much does it cost?
The application fee for the initial five year certification is $500, with a re-certification fee of $500 required for continued 5 year recognition. 
We invite your University's program or department to apply for our Wildland Fire Academic Program Certification, and to have your school recognized as an educational leader for students aspiring to become wildland fire professionals.  

Other AFE News
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OK, we're just a little excited about the new improvements to our website.  First of all, we have a new URL which better identifies us as a non-profit organization, and we have improved the overall design, color scheme, and  presentation.  Thanks to our amazing in-house web designer and nature photographer, Brett Cole, we have really beautiful wildland fire images in use throughout the site.  And our Journal looks better than ever, including a great look to our previous journal page.  But these are just the superficial changes.  We have also greatly improved the features, use, and function of the site, making it even more user-friendly for our membership.  Some changes you will notice:
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