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October 2016

Jarred is a Gastrognome

AFI Co-Founder Jarred Maxwell was recently honored by a profile on the GoodFoodJobs website, as a "gastrognome -  a jovial individual whose main purpose on earth is to connect people who derive pleasure from good food".

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AFI's Q3 Results Published

"The AFI investment thesis is beginning to work..." writes CFO Eric de Valpine:
  • Since inception, $1.25M has been deployed to local sustainable food companies
  • As of 10/6/16, all AFI deals are "performing"
  • Our total portfolio weighted average annualized return to investors is currently 10.8%.

AFI Q316 Results
Activity Picking Up

Activity from new companies approaching AFI with financing needs has increased substantially after a slight lull in August and early September. By October, ka-boom!, a ton of new opportunities hit. We're working through them now, assisting and/or referring entrepreneurs, and hope to have something for our investor network to look at soon.

Bobby Fellers of Richardson Farms Dairy and Creamery
Milk Flowing at Richardson Farms

In April 2016 AFI helped local sustainable farmer Richardson Farms buy low-temp pasteurization equipment. Now unbelievably delicious milk is selling out at their farmers markets stands.
Texas Center for Local Food

AFI is proud to be a Founding Member of the new Texas Center for Local Food, which provides technical assistance for rural and agricultural economic vitality by creating and retaining quality jobs in processing, production, distribution and marketing of Texas sustainably grown crops.  

TCLF is now accepting new memberships - starting as low as $20 - from individuals, organizations, and companies dedicated to strengthening our regional food system.
Technical Assistance Providers:  Helping Your Clients Become "Investor Ready"

AFI now provides training and consulting to technical assistance providers like accelerators & incubators, small business development agencies, non-profits, and others that help entrepreneurs.  

Our " Get Investor Ready Gap Analysis"
covers the seven core areas necessary to confidently raise outside capital:
  1. The existing business is solid, documented, & sparks excitement
  2. Key stakeholders are aligned about the future
  3. There is a single plan to execute
  4. "Fundraising" - including the process, terminology, players, and typical terms and conditions - is understood
  5. The fundraising team is in place
  6. Documents are ready and compelling
  7. Prep for actual potential investor interaction is complete.

If your organization counsels entrepreneurs on the path to fundraising, and you'd like an inside look at what investors expect - and how to help your clients get there - please contact AFI Partner Curt Nelson to set up an appointment.

Excellent Overview of Why We're Doing All This

Sunday 10/5's New York Times Magazine was all about "Big Food" and the problems it causes. We highly encourage everyone to read this as a primer on the interactions of cheap oil, Big Ag's assault on the soil, the animals, and nutritious food; and how the "good food movement" is trying to address it all.  

All the best,

Curt, Eric, & Jarred of Austin Foodshed Investors
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