New Book on Ageing in Place in the Western Asia-Pacific 

Submitted By: Bruce Judd, Emeritus Professor, City Futures Research Centre, University of New South Wales

Edward Elgar Publishing have recently released a new book entitled ‘Ageing in Place: Design, Planning and Policy in the Western Asia-Pacific. Published in late 2020, it is edited by Emeritus Professor Bruce Judd of the City Futures Research Centre (CFRC) at the University of New South Wales, Australia; Professor Kenichi Tanoue of the Faculty of Design at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan; and Dr Edgar Liu a Senior Research Fellow also of the CFRC. It includes sixteen chapters by researchers from China (PRC, Hongkong and Taiwan), Japan, Australia and New Zealand and focusses on the built environment responses in this diverse and dynamic region from the micro (room and dwelling design) to the macro (urban and national) level on the important challenges of dealing with ageing populations through ageing in place policies and practice. It is an important contribution to the literature on the international shifts from reliance on family and institutional care to maintaining older people in their own homes and communities for as long as possible with its potential benefits in health and wellbeing. It emphasises the critical role of the built environment at all scales in such transition.
An endorsement by Ann Forsyth, Ruth and Frank Stanton Professor of Urban Planning and Director of the Master in Urban Planning Program at Harvard University states: “Tackling an important and growing challenge for countries throughout the world Ageing in Place provides a much-needed multi-country dialogue on ageing with dignity. Chapters grounded in empirical work and project examples investigate how China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand are addressing the crucial connections between older people, their homes, and quality of life. This is a valuable and timely book.”
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