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First Quarter 2019
Market Update First Quarter 2019
After the United States stock market indices declined in the fourth quarter of 2018, they recovered nicely in the first three months of 2019. In fact they regained all lost territory. Continue Reading
Tax Return Request
If you haven't done so already, we kindly request that you send us a copy of your 2018 Federal and state returns to help us better serve you throughout the year. We are best able to perform tax related analysis with your most current tax return. Exactly how the information is used varies from client to client, but may include analyzing Roth conversions, calculating tax projections, and tracking tax data that can impact investment decisions.
Investment In Your Values: A Review of ESG and SRI Investing
Have you given thought to investing in sustainable, environmentally friendly practices? Here we hi ghlight and explain the differences between two rapidly growing investment strategies.  Continue Reading
Phishing Emails: Get Hooked and You Could Lose a Lot More Than You Bargained For
What could be the harm in responding to or even just opening an email message from unknown senders?  Continue Reading
The Survival of the Modern Portfolio
The modern portfolio, like the birch bark canoe, depends not just on its construction, but on its plan and implementation for survival.  Continue Reading
Is Your Home a Good Investment?
There are so many  factors that go into whether buying a home is right for you, that after digging into the details it may not seem like such a great investment.   Continue Reading
SAGE Tuition Rewards

We wanted to remind our AFM clients that you are eligible to provide a unique benefit to family members - the opportunity for the students in your immediate & extended family to earn discounts on tuition at an expanding national "network" of 400+ private colleges and universities. For a reminder on how this program works click here.

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AFM News & Notes
  • Alex Armstrong presented the 2018 Alexandra Armstrong Lifetime Achievement Award to Karen Schaeffer
  • AFM was named as a  2019 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers for the second straight year
  • John Wittelsberger proposed to his girlfriend April Guise 
  • For Further Reading
    Check out Alexandra Armstrong and Chris Rivers' latest article for Better Investing Magazine for everything you need to know about a 401(k).   Continue Reading
    How to Get Help with Anything You Need
    In addition to your financial planner, you have a team supporting you. We have nine exceptionally talented colleagues ready to assist.

    Financial Planning & 
    Asset Management Team

    Call or email members of the financial planning team if you have questions related to any of the following:
    • The state of the economy or financial markets
    • Your financial plan or to discuss a new planning issue
    • Your portfolio
    • Understanding financial planning, investment, or tax reports
    • Trading issues
    • Email the team
    Operations & Client Service Team

    Call or email members of the client service team if you have questions related to the following:
    • Scheduling appointments
    • Moving money (e.g. deposits, withdrawals, transfers, checks)
    • Account paperwork (e.g. new accounts, beneficiary changes)
    • Questions about accessing your Client360® online portal
    • Changes in contact information (e.g. new address, phone number)
    • Email the team
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