Dear AFP DC Colleagues, 

We at AFP DC recognize last week’s failed government insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building and attempted coup for what it was: a shocking display of White supremacy in the form of mob violence.

The glaring differences between police treatment of those extremists compared to their treatment of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters this summer is a stark and painful example of how racism and racist rhetoric dominates our nation. We, as a country, have a great deal of work ahead to repair the damage that has taken place over this week and over the last four years. But one thing is clear—the time for this heinous behavior to stop is long past. 

As a nation and society, we must commit ourselves to tearing down racist systems and condemning white supremacy of every form. Silence equals consent, and we will not be silent. We denounce this week’s violent attack on our democratic systems, values, and beliefs. We look forward to working together and in coalition with like-minded organizations to champion equality until justice prevails.


Heather O’Malley
Chapter President
AFP Washington DC Metro Area Chapter

Luis Ramirez
AFP Washington DC Metro Area Chapter

Kent Sneed
Chair - Racism and Discrimination Task Force
AFP Washington DC Metro Area Chapter