Chapter Update - February 17, 2017
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Candy hearts, roses and cupids. It's February, the month for perhaps the most prominent Hallmark Holiday ever contrived. 

But whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or choose to denounce the commercialism, February is a great time to start thinking about the donors and volunteers you love...the ones who truly love your mission.

Heidi Boyd_ CFRE
AFP Offers More than a Good Lunch!

Your AFP membership offers so much more than a once-a-month opportunity to hear a great speaker!  Just ask Heidi Boyd, CFRE, and Associate Director of Individual Giving Wisconsin Humane Society.

Besides attending two International conferences with the support of AFP scholarship funds, Heidi has gained confidence as a fundraiser, built friendships and experienced professional growth by engaging with AFP in multiple ways throughout her career. Here's some of what she had to say:
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One would think that Wisconsin's foundations and the nonprofits they fund would strongly agree about what those organizations need to thrive.  Turns out that is only partly the case....
AFP CEO Jason Lee
Good Insight and a Free Toolkit

"Investments in effective fundraising strategies should be made not despite our need to fund our missions and work, but because of it."

Wow-think about that for a minute.

As a fundraiser do you ever feel like no one else "gets it?" Sometimes it's difficult to get our program teams, donors, board members or even our CEOs to understand the importance of investing resources in strategies that we know will ultimately result in raising more money.
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