March 2020
Workshop is canceled for this month

Greetings fellow fundraisers, 


As we launch into uncharted territory, I want to take a moment to recognize this moment, specifically for development professionals. Our organizations focus on health care, education, and/or serving those most vulnerable in our community. Significant changes in health and the economy always has the potential to impact our nonprofits and the people we serve. We may find we need to think even more creatively about how donor relations, events, and stories support our fundraising efforts.

So I want to give you a word of encouragement. As leaders in your organizations, families, and our community, this is your opportunity to model a calm presence. A sense of peace will help you and others make intentional and thoughtful decisions. 

One way we can work together to share ideas and solutions is to continue to connect with fellow fundraisers in the Shenandoah Valley. While we won't be meeting together this month I would encourage you to use our Facebook page, . We would be happy to create a private group, if there’s an interest, as a way for us to talk online with each other and to support each other. AFP offers chat groups at .


Thank you for the good work each of you are doing, and the giving you inspire. I hope we are able to gather again soon!


Peace be with you, 

Trisha Blosser

AFP Shenandoah Chapter President

Eastern Mennonite School

Member Moment
AFP Shenandoah Chapter offers  scholarships  for those who would like to become a member of the Chapter. If you are a member in good standing  scholarships  are available cover a portion or all registration fees for a fundraising conference.
Please contact Membership Chair  Sally Jane Conner  should you have any questions .

Mark your calendar!
Upcoming 2020 Workshops and Events
Workshops are held on Thursdays, 11:45 am - 1:15 pm.

April 16   Do's and Don't on Acquiring and Retaining Donors, August Smith
with Creative Answers

May 21   Planned Giving, Diane M. Carlson with Catapult Fundraising.

July 29-30   Virginia Fundraising Institute  - Richmond, VA*

August 20  TBD

September 17  TBD

October 15  TBD

November 23   National Philanthropy Day

December 17 Roundtables and Holiday Raffle.

2020 Board Leadership

President, Trisha Blosser
Immediate Past President, Kate Renalds
Secretary, Penny Imeson
President Elect & Treasurer, Carrie Budd
Education & Professional Development, Manuela Vazquez 
Membership, Sally Jane Conner 
Communications, Baker Garber
Ten Star Initiatives & Foundation, Missy Stover
Member at Large, Kevin Callanan
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