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Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees Inc., in its capacity as Licensed Insolvency Trustee for the Estate of Bernard Willy Margueritte Callebaut, a bankrupt, invites bids to purchase the registered trademark “Papa Chocolat”.
Please contact Jennifer Geworsky by email at or by phone at 403-213-4394 if you wish to receive a bid package. The deadline to submit bids is 12:00pm Friday, March 19, 2021.
Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding is being extended to Feb.28, 2022 to help with training - AFPA courses are eligible and many members have been successful!

Temporary program changes:
The following program changes expand eligibility to help businesses access the training they need. These temporary changes are effective from Feb 18, 2021 until Feb 28, 2022.
  1. Eligible trainee now includes employed family members of eligible employers.
  2. Business owners (incorporated, unincorporated/sole-proprietor and partnerships) with 4 or fewer employees, including all owners, are now eligible to train themselves.
  3. Training is no longer required to be incremental.
Operational program changes:
The following permanent operational changes will make the application process more efficient. These permanent changes are effective as of Feb 18, 2021.
  1. Training can start once the application is received by the CAJG.
  2. Employers may pay for training at any time; however, the training cannot start until all trainee(s) have signed the application and the application is received by the CAJG.
  3. Course information is no longer required to be listed on the training provider’s website.
  4. Customized training is eligible.
  5. Revised list of eligible and ineligible training cost. Please see the Applicant Guide for the full list.
NEW & UPCOMING from AFPA for members this summer!
3D equipment eLearning & Blended Learning Series (special thanks to Sunterra Meats for providing leadership on this project):
  • Equipment Safety
  • Hazards
  • Safety Simulations
  • Food Safety and more...
Preventive Control Program Templates - SFC (In partnership with Food Safety Solutions)
Please take moment to meet our new members.
  • GroudUP Eco-Ventures
  • DK Alberta Food Inc.
  • Kasa Consulting
  • Enviro-Stewards Inc.
  • GigHound
  • Trade Accelerator Program Calgary
  • First Defence Face Masks