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Let's leap, turn, shuffle, and spin into 2018!
With every new year comes new projects and performances, and it is imperative to stay informed of all the news and upcoming deadlines. Please contact us if you have any questions after reading this newsletter!
Baby boy Landon Grey Wittmers was warmly welcomed into the world on January 17th at 7:40am. Congratulations to Miss Amber and Mr Mike!
Signup to perform with AFPA at the Phoenix Suns Pre-Game Show ! Deadline to both register and order tickets is February 2nd by 4pm . See attached flyer for important information, including rehearsal dates & times.
Print, sign, and return to our office to reserve your spot!

Support the G-Force Dance Company and play Superbowl Squares at AFPA! We have TWO boards in play with separate pricing options - $5 or $20 per square . Squares must be selected and paid by Saturday, February 3rd at noon .

Here’s how it works! You either pick a number between 1-100 or come sign your name up in a square on one of our boards. Once the boards are full we will randomly choose numbers between 0 and 9 to be placed vertically (home team) and horizontally (visiting team) along the outside of grid. These numbers will determine winners based on the score of the Superbowl game. For example- if the score is 14-3, we will locate the box where numbers 4 and 3 intersect to see who “owns” that square. This will happen at the end of each of the 4 quarters.

Buy a square on the $20 board and you could win:
$125 1st Quarter, $250 Halftime, $125 3rd Quarter, and $500 for final score!

Buy a square on the $5 board and you could win:
$25 1st Quarter, $50 for Halftime, $25 for the 3rd quarter and $150 for final score!
We are so excited to see our AFPA dancers light up the stage at our annual recital!
If you have not signed up to participate, there is still time! Contact our front desk by February 3rd to register your dancer.

Recital Balance reports will be sent home with your child over the next few weeks.

Recital Information Handbooks will be emailed directly to you in the near future.
Make sure to read thoroughly!