Chapter Update
September 25, 2020
If Ever There was a Year to Celebrate Philanthropy…
For National Philanthropy Day 2020, the stakes are a little higher
Almost by definition, communities unify people for collaborative action and shared benefit. That’s why 2020 will be remembered as a year when the unifying powers of community were put to severe test. When circumstances divide us, it’s too easy to lose sight of what unites us. Together, let’s commit to change that on November 10.

Certify Your Excellence!
CFRE accreditation expands your opportunities, grows careers, and builds professional acumen
Have you ever thought about what your next career move would be? Or wondered how you would set yourself apart from other non-profit job seekers? If so, then it’s time to consider pursuing your CFRE and becoming a Certified Fundraising Executive.

Building authentic relationships in a digital age
No matter the channel, shared values are key to connecting
Although a vibrant digital presence is essential today, organizations settle for so little when mere online connections take the place of authentic relationships developed around shared values. This was the topic of the Fundraising Day Wisconsin 2020 webinar presented by Otto Reinisch.

Member Kudos
Celebrating achievements
Our members are amazing! Every day they do things that make a huge impact in our community and the world. See what AFP Southeastern fundraisers have been up to.

Get Ready! October is AFP's Ethics Awareness Month
Ethics makes it all possible, and THAT’S worth celebrating
Stay tuned for new, exciting offerings from AFP for Ethics Awareness Month 2020! Until then, click below for last year's outstanding program materials.

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