August 2016
AFRA Board of Directors
AFRA President
Derk-Jan van Heerden,

AFRA Vice President
Amy Bann,
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

AFRA Treasurer
Marco Gehr,
ELG Haniel Group

AFRA Secretary
Bradley Gregory,
Air Salvage International

Tim Zemanovic, Aircraft Demolition

Kahina Oudjehani, Bombardier

Gary Spoors, GJD Services Ltd.

Nigel Marsh, Rolls-Royce plc

Keri Wright, Universal Asset Management
AFRA Staff
Reed Hitchcock
Executive Director

Laura Dwulet
General Manager

David Bernstein
Staff Associate 

Industry News
"A paradigm shift is needed to conceive of the life-cycle of the aircraft in its entirety and to extend the concept of environmental sustainability beyond the production and utilization of aircraft. ICAO and its partners will aim to support this paradigm shift and to provide best practices on the use of material, as well as information on environmental risks during the dismantling and recycling process...."

"With maintenance having a huge impact on the safety, operational costs and profitability of a fleet, it is time for it to be brought up to speed. Thanks to the help of new technologies, aircraft maintenance is set to be given a boost that makes it just as advanced as the latest engines and aircraft structures..."
- MRO Network
AFRA Committee Updates
The AFRA BMP Development Committee has several ongoing projects and initiatives.  Interested in getting involved? Please contact AFRA staff

The Communications Committee collaborated in an article featured in ICAO's 2016 Environment Report, and is contributing content to several upcoming industry articles. To participate in this Committee, please email AFRA staff to be added to the email list.
Upcoming Industry Events
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September 25-27, 2016
Barcelona, Spain

September 27-29, 2016
Singapore Expo Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore

  MRO Europe
October 18-20, 2016
RAI Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Hangar Operations:
Resourcing & Planning
Summit 2016
October 26-27, 2016
Atlanta, GA, USA

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Board Update 
From Tim Zemanovic, Aircraft Demolition, LLC
Dear Colleagues,

With summer in full swing, there have been some great things happening at AFRA that I'm excited to tell you about.  AFRA recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ICAO, and, as of July 4, an MOU between AFRA and IATA has been fully executed and signed. The agreement is a great step forward in working with IATA to promote all areas of best practices. The cooperation between both parties will enhance a better education and understanding of aircraft disassembly and recycling processes and solutions. The number of AFRA member and accredited companies has been steadily growing, and current and prospective members will surely benefit from these collaborative efforts with allied industry groups. In addition, the Board of Directors recently approved language within the association bylaws to allow airlines to join AFRA for free. With this new initiative, the Board believes this will present an opportunity for airlines to become more involved with shaping the aircraft End-of-Life industry.

In committee news, the BMP Development Committee is in the process of putting together an informational bulletin regarding HAZMAT. The topic will be guidance of disposal and the handling of hazardous materials in aircraft disassembly and recycling. Additionally, the Board of Directors officially approved the Government Affairs Program. The goal will be to work with various governmental regulatory bodies to promote AFRA and educate the policy makers about the best practices for aircraft disassembly and recycling.

As the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association grows, we encourage all members to get involved and join one of the many new committees. To find out more contact the AFRA Staff at

Best Regards,
Tim Zemanovic

Association Updates
Government Affairs Program

The AFRA government affairs program is officially underway. Over the last month, our team has created an AFRA congressional database which matches AFRA members with their respective U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senators. Once our policy priorities are finalized, the database will be expanded to indicate which Members of Congress sit on relevant congressional committees of interest to AFRA. This database will allow AFRA to strategically target specific Members of Congress who have constituent connections to AFRA members.
In addition, AFRA has started to monitor a wide range of congressional committees and regulatory agencies so we will receive information on key policy developments that would negatively impact or present opportunities for AFRA. We will also utilize relationships with partners and policymakers to provide early warning of legislation and regulations that will impact the aircraft recycling and dismantling industry. In the upcoming week, please look for a survey in which will assist with defining the scope of the government affairs program and AFRA's key public policy objectives.
To get more involved in the AFRA government affairs program, please contact AFRA staff.

For a report on recent policy & regulatory updates, please click here

Membership Update
Welcome Our Newest Members!

Featured AFRA Company:
Universal Recycling Co (Pty) Ltd 

Why did you join AFRA?
We joined AFRA as we believed in the future of the recycling industry for large aircraft and we wanted to do this in a responsible way.  It also fell into the model of our existing business.  We also hoped that it would - and it did - give us an advantage in the market place to purchase aircraft for recycling.  

When did you first join AFRA?
We were the 13th member who joined AFRA - in October 2006. 

What has changed within your company since joining AFRA?
We are now the largest aircraft recycler in Sub-Saharan Africa and in many instances, the larger airlines acknowledge our membership.

Industry Observations:
It is a very interesting aspect of recycling that many people in the public domain have no idea that large aircraft get recycled; most think they only crash!  It is also very rewarding that we often take children to show them how these large aircraft get recycled, which in itself is an unbelievable experience to see their reaction.  

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