August 2017
AFRA Board of Directors
AFRA President
Derk-Jan van Heerden,

AFRA Vice President
Amy Bann,
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

AFRA Treasurer
Marco Gehr,
ELG Haniel Group

AFRA Secretary
Kahina Oudjehani, Bombardier

James Cobbold, Air Salvage International

Mike Corne, eCube Solutions

Jason Reed, GA Telesis LLC

Gary Spoors, GJD Services Ltd.

Nigel Marsh, Rolls-Royce plc

Philippe Fournadet,
Tarmac Aerosave SAS
AFRA Staff
Reed Hitchcock
Executive Director

Laura Dwulet
General Manager

David Bernstein
Industry Affairs Coordinator 

Industry News

"FAA's Flight Standards Service will officially be re-organized. The changes, in the works for nearly four years, will not be apparent to industry right away. But if all goes as envisioned, the ramifications will become clear to operators and certificate holders-and they will be positive..."
- MRO-Network

Date: Thurs., August 17, 2017
Time: 2:00PM EST
"In this webinar, you will learn how Aerospace and defense companies are trying to find a more efficient ways to enhance collaboration between design and manufacturing..."
- Aviation Week

"GA Telesis announced it was launching a specialized finance unit, called Structured Credit Products (SCP), to focus on structured financial solutions for airline, MRO, and OEM customers..."
- MRO-Network
AFRA Committee Updates
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Association Update 
From Mike Corne, eCube Solutions
In his presentation to the recent AFRA AGM, Adam Pilarski used the expression 'may you live in interesting times' as one of his typically under-stated comments to describe the volatile business environment in which we operate.
The aircraft dis-assembly sector has always been unpredictable with no identifiable seasonality or repeatable business patterns. This is largely due to the nature of the investment market that underlies the majority of aircraft end-of-life projects, particularly those that take place in a growth market. Transactions are driven by buyers and sellers finding an acceptable price point for the trading of the asset, which in turn is driven by a myriad of factors relating to the two unrelated markets of operating lessors and parts traders. Consequently, the flow of projects has traditionally been extremely 'lumpy', and companies that perform aircraft dis-assemblies find it very challenging to plan resources for the business at appropriate levels for long term sustainability.
This unpredictability is not going to ease with time. Less than two years ago, we experienced the fewest numbers of aircraft retirements since 2007, as a consequence of low oil price, low interest rates, and an airline market delivering record profitability and the confidence to increase capacity. This year, there is a sense that storm clouds are gathering after more than 8 years of unbroken economic growth in the aviation industry, with the prospect that a wave of aircraft will be retired.
The aviation analysts at Ishka calculate that the global fleet currently has 2500 aircraft in storage and a market correction, depending upon severity, generally forces an additional 3-6% of the fleet into temporary storage. Given that the world commercial fleet stands at 29,500, that means a potential of approximately 900 to 1800 aircraft seeking refuge until a market recovery. With reference to Dick Forsberg's seminal white paper on Aircraft Retirement trends, less than 10% of passenger aircraft that remain stored for more than two years will return to service, indicating the potential of a substantial demand for disposal of those assets with no operational future.
While this may sound like the prospect of exciting times for the end-of-life sector, I contend that our business environment will continue to be at least as unpredictable, and risky, as before. Quite whether a market softening will occur, and, if so, when it is likely to take place, just asks further unanswerable questions of us. When it happens (as history tells us that it is inevitable at some point) asset owners will struggle with book values and impairment issues, parts traders will need to manage greater supply of components and a changing demand profile, and many more aircraft are likely to fall into an economic disposal category rather than part-out. We shall all have to deal with a rapidly changing economic landscape.
What will it take to prepare for this vision of the future? Perhaps no changes will be required - longstanding players in our dynamic sector already recognise that the secret to success is to be nimble, creative and responsive to opportunities. One thing is guaranteed, volatility in the end-of-life market is here to stay!
Mike Corne
Commercial Director
eCube Solutions

Association Updates
Government Affairs Program

The Government Affairs Committee had a teleconference on Thursday, August 3, and discussed the EU waste framework directive and how certain aspects are relevant to AFRA in regards to how the general definition of waste may impact future changes in aircraft recycling. The Committee also is in the process of finalizing a policy position statement on the Circular Economy and looking to prepare language for Kathleen Van Brempt, Belgian member of the European Parliament, so that she can make another parliamentary question to the European Commission on the topic of waste transport legislation and waste definition in relation to aircraft.

For a report on recent policy & regulatory updates, please click   here

AFRA BMP Development Committee

The BMP Development Committee's next teleconference will be taking place on Wednesday, August 23 from 10:30am - 11:30am ET. The Committee will be discussing the roll-out of the BMP 3.3 Single Accreditation update as well as additional Committee initiatives. If you'd like to get involved and be added to the participant list, please contact staff

AFRA Communications Committee

The Communications Committee has recently contributed content for both Aviation Week  and Popular Science . If you are interested in participating in the Committee,  please contact staff.

AFRA R&D Committee

We welcomed three new participants to the AFRA R&D Research Network this month: University of Pittsburgh, Envisa, and Adherent Technologies, Inc. AFRA members are able to reference R&D information, and access research papers on the AFRA Member Page

New Membership Update

Unical MRO provides aircraft parking, aircraft storage, off wing engine storage and end-of-life solutions to customers from around the globe. Specializing in both narrow and wide body commercial aircraft, Unical MRO works closely with customers to ensure a clear work scope and to plan on-time re-delivery schedules that meet customer needs.

The Laboratory for Advanced Materials at Pittsburgh (LAMP) under the direction of Professor Paul W. Leu, focuses on designing and understanding advanced materials by computational modeling and experimental research. Simulations and experiments are used in a synergistic manner to study the mechanical and electronic properties of nanomaterials and surfaces for various applications.

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