December 2015
Industry News
"Rolls Royce Malaysia Sdn Bhd country director Saji Raghavan said Malaysia had been successful in the production of composites and as an MRO centre, which were achieved through excellent human capital training and infrastructure...."
- New Straights Times

"Having the necessary parts and supplies readily available is only one side of the equation. The MRO industry does not exist in a vacuum, and external factors play a huge role in supply chain demands..."
- MRO Network
AFRA Committee Update
AFRA's BMP Development Committee will be holding its next meeting on Wednesday, December 16 at 10:00am ET /0700 PT/1500 GMT/1600 CET. Interested in participating? Please email AFRA staff to be added to the email list.

We have started recruiting member volunteers to participate  in the Communications Committee, and we will soon begin projects such as the website redesign and planning the programming for the next AFRA meeting. For all those interested in participating, please email AFRA staff.
Upcoming Industry Events
Save the Date! 

February 10-11, 2016
Fort Lauderdale, FL

28 February - 1 March 2016
Phoenix, AZ

Hong Kong, SAR, China

June 26-28, 2016
Las Vegas, NV
Growing Our Social Media Footprint
Please let us know about your company's Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter profile. Follow AFRA and share our news that you think might be interesting for your followers - we will of course do the same with your messages!

Board  Update 
From Bradley Gregory
AFRA Members,
With the festive season upon us, on behalf of the Board we would like to wish you a happy holiday season! I hope the New Year brings new opportunities to everyone's businesses!
In November, our Board finalized and agreed on a new logo for AFRA which hopefully you have all now seen! We hope that you all like it and agree that it will boost the image of our association. This is stage one of a two-part re-vamp; progress will soon begin on a new website as part two.
As a Board, we have recently agreed to convert the membership invoicing cycle from its current billing schedule to an annual billing structure. We aim to complete this with minimum impact on your businesses. A brief explanation as to why we chose to adopt an annual structure over the current is because it is easier for our management company, Kellen, to manage incoming funds once a year rather than year-round. In doing so, this will allow them to spend more time developing and working on current projects while also promoting our association to new members!
While some of you may know me, others may not, so please feel free to contact me or any other Board members if you have any ideas for our association which can be voiced to the board. It would also be great to receive any ideas in consideration for the new website.
Enjoy the rest of 2015 and good luck in 2016!
Association Updates
AFRA Presents at  
Aircraft Economic Life Summit 2015


On November 24, in Dublin, Ireland, Everest Events Limited held their annual Aircraft Economic Life Summit at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. The conference provided an outlet to discuss as well as debate the current state of economic life of aircraft, industry opportunities, trends, historical patterns, and much more. Several AFRA member organizations were present at the conference in which both Mike Corne (pictured on the left) from eCube Solutions and Bradley Gregory (pictured on the right) from Air Salvage International had the opportunity to present. In addition, on behalf of AFRA, Derk-Jan van Heerden also presented (view presentation here) as a keynote speaker and discussed the role of AFRA in today's market.
Featured Company Update:
Aviation International Recycling SL
Who We Are
Aviation International Recycling SL is one of the new companies formed and dual accredited by AFRA in the last 12 months to provide services to the aviation industry.

Where We Are From
AIR is based in beautiful city of Zaragoza, Spain. Zaragoza is used by some of the largest airlines in Europe as a winter storage location for its fleet and is a significant air freight hub.
What We Do
AIR's parent is the multi-faceted recycling business of Industries Lopez Soriano Group in the region of Aragon, Spain. AIR has a team 

which will travel to any airport in Europe to Disassemble and Recycle aircraft and accomplished the Recycling of its first two A320 aircraft in Madrid in July 2015. Cliff Brown says, "We do not buy aircraft on our own account and trade spares, we want to provide a good storage location, we want to be free of potential conflicts, a good place to Redeliver and Deliver aircraft for operating lessors and a Disassembly and Recycling service on a 'pay and play' basis." AIR are keen to develop their business further in light of the projected retirements and the sea change in industry fleet technology over the next 5 years.

Market, Industry, and Trends
AIR believes that the industry is awash with cheap finance and too much money chasing too few aircraft with the supply and

demand balance will only return when the rate of retirements increases which it believes we will start to see in 2017 when the increased new aircraft delivery rates start to impact on airline capacities. Airbus has announced it will build 690 narrow bodies a year but will reduce A330 build rates from 10 to 6 aircraft per month. "Over the next 24 months I think that there will be a potential excess of Disassembly and Recycling capacity and those with niches, good locations and low cost bases will do well. We see a lot of B777-200 IGW and A330-200 aircraft coming to the end of initial lease terms over the next 12 months and a potential oversupply of aircraft in this seating capacity" says Cliff Brown.

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