December 2017
AFRA Board of Directors
AFRA President
Derk-Jan van Heerden,

AFRA Vice President
Amy Bann,
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

AFRA Treasurer
Marco Gehr,
ELG Haniel Group

AFRA Secretary
Kahina Oudjehani, Bombardier

James Cobbold, Air Salvage International

Mike Corne, eCube Solutions

Jason Reed, GA Telesis LLC

Gary Spoors, GJD Services Ltd.

Nigel Marsh, Rolls-Royce plc

Philippe Fournadet,
Tarmac Aerosave SAS
AFRA Staff
Hans Craen
Executive Director

Laura Dwulet
General Manager

David Bernstein
Industry Affairs Coordinator 

Industry News
"The shift from the old, rigid A, B, C, D checks, with batches of maintenance tasks done at specific intervals, to the more flexible MSG-3, which packages tasks at airline discretion, is the big driver. 'New generation aircraft, such as the Boeing 787 or Airbus A350, have been designed with MSG-3 in mind,' Elliott says. 'These aircraft are maintained with phased maintenance to achieve the shortest possible maintenance turnarounds..."
- MRO-Network

"Greater efficiencies are likely throughout the MRO market in 2018-in both subtle and splashy ways. Supporting the 2,100 new aircraft that are scheduled to enter service, as well as the existing fleet will only become more competitive in this dynamic market..."
  - Aviation Week
  "While the carrier will go down in history as the final US passenger 747 operator, United Airlines holds the crown as the longest operator. The Chicago-based carrier flew the jumbo continually from 1970 through November, when it celebrated the retirement of its last aircraft with a nostalgic recreation of its first 747 flight from San Francisco to Honolulu..."
- Flight Global
AFRA Committee Updates
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Association Update 
From Derk-Jan van Heerden, AFRA President
AFRA Colleagues,
As I look back, 2017 was a year of strong activity and change for our industry association, and the AFRA Board of Directors is proud of the many steps we have taken toward raising awareness of our industry and our industry organization, as well as solidifying the foundation of the association upon which we can carry forward important initiatives on a number of fronts, including the development of a network of research partners, improvements to the AFRA BMP and accreditation program, increased AFRA communications, and continued government affairs outreach and engagement. Especially in Europe we've seen some positive developments but also some serious threats. We have also seen steady growth in our airline membership program and look forward to their continued participation in providing insight from an essential area of our industry.

It has been a strategic objective for the Board to engage with key industry organizations whose activities influence our businesses on a regular basis. To that end, AFRA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Remanufacturing Industries Council and has continued to work closely with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in promoting best practices for airlines and aircraft owners on how to decommission aircraft in an economic, safe, and environmental-friendly way.

Our 2017 Annual Conference, again held in partnership with the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) with whom we have long enjoyed a strong relationship, was well attended and received. We will seek to continue to enhance the Annual Conference programming by including relevant speakers and timely subjects that will add value to your business. If you have any suggestion of subjects you want to see addressed, please let us know.

Let me also use this opportunity to present to you our new Executive Director, Hans Craen. Reed is currently pursuing a new adventure and we look forward to Hans' engagement and leadership within the Association. 

I would like to thank you all for your support and contributions to AFRA from this past year, and I wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season with health and happiness in the New Year. A special thanks I would like to give to our great team that are doing all the hard work for making AFRA a success. Thank you Laura, David and Hans, 2018 is going to be another amazing AFRA year because of your energy.

Derk-Jan van Heerden
AFRA President

Staff Update: AFRA Welcomes New Executive Director

Please join me in welcoming AFRA's new Executive Director, Hans Craen, to the AFRA management team!
Following the departure of our previous Executive Director, Reed Hitchcock, the management company Kellen proposed Hans as an appropriate fit to help guide AFRA. Hans has been active in AFRA over the past 6+ months coordinating the Association's EU stakeholder engagement and therefore has a head start with understanding the key industry issues and players. He was confirmed as the new Executive Director during the December 4 Board of Directors meeting, and is looking forward to getting fully up-to-speed working alongside the rest of the AFRA management team of Laura Dwulet, David Bernstein, and Kelly Lyon. Hans is based in Kellen's Brussels, Belgium office.
Hans has over 14 years' experience in association management at Kellen, and has specialized in EU affairs, with a focus on environmental, construction and energy policies. Hans acts as secretary-general for several of Kellen's European clients including the European Portable Battery Association (EPBA) and the European Window Film Association (EWFA). As secretary-general, Hans supports the Board in its strategic thinking, implementing public affairs and public relations activities and representing the organization in front of the European and national legislative bodies. He is also involved in several consulting projects for Kellen's global clients.
Before joining Kellen, Hans worked as an EU Affairs coordinator for Hitachi's liaison office in Brussels, covering environmental policy issues. Prior to that, he worked as a trainee in the legal department of the European Ombudsman's office in Strasbourg. Hans holds a law degree from the Antwerp University, as well as a European law degree from the Liège University. He also obtained a post-graduate degree in Business Management from the Vlekho Business School.

Hans Craen
AFRA Executive Director
Phone: +32 2 761 1615

Association Updates
Visit to AFRA Accredited Company Facility

Several AFRA members and AFRA staff visited Air Salvage International (ASI)'s aircraft disassembly facility at the Cotswold Airport in Gloucestershire, England on December 6, as part of the International Air Transport Association (IATA)'s Aircraft Decommissioning Workshop.
This visit was an opportunity for AFRA members as well as other industry stakeholders to learn more about the aircraft disassembly process and to see how this work is done according to the AFRA BMPs. The group took a tour of ASI's main hangers that are used for maintenance and disassembly, and also had the chance to see several aircraft being actively disassembled. 

"It was a pleasure to showcase our AFRA accredited operation to the workshop members. Through raising awareness, I'm sure that the experience provided a positive contribution towards relevant outcomes that will influence IATA's best practices manual.  I hope everyone enjoyed their time with us. Wishing seasonal goodwill to everyone and a very Happy New Year" - Mark Gregory, ASI Managing Director.

A special thanks to Mark Gregory, James Cobbold, and the rest of the ASI staff who coordinated to make this visit possible!
About ASI: ASI is a globally respected provider of professional asset management services to banks, lessors, insurance companies and commercial airlines. With experience of over 700 projects worldwide over the last 20 years, their disassembly services have been at the industry forefront and have contributed to developing AFRA's Best Management Practices (BMPs).  

AFRA Partnerships

AFRA recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC), which is a strategic alliance of businesses and academic institutions that works across industry sectors to support the entire remanufacturing industry through a combination of collaboration, education, advocacy, and research. More details to follow as AFRA learns more about RIC initiatives and events which might be of interest to AFRA members. 

Membership Survey -
AFRA Government Affairs

AFRA is regularly involved in monitoring government and regulatory activities to best support AFRA and its membership, and to strengthen AFRA's position as an industry leader.
Our #1 focus is our members' concerns and voice so we need your feedback. We take our responsibility seriously and are committed to drive results that provide a positive outcome for you and your company. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate you taking the time to take this quick survey:

Government Affairs Program

The Committee is in the process of finalizing a policy position statement on the Circular Economy and is also working on putting together a strategic roadmap for 2018.

For a report on recent policy & regulatory updates, please click   here

AFRA BMP Development Committee

The BMP Guide 3.3 was recently fully implemented into the accreditation program. If you'd like to get involved in the Committee and be added to the participant list, please contact staff

AFRA Communications Committee

The Communications Committee has recently contributed content for Aviation Week Popular Science  and is in the process of working with Airlines International on an article on aircraft recycling. If you are interested in participating in the Committee,    please  contact staff.

AFRA R&D Committee

The R&D Committee reached its goal of engaging 10 research organizations in its Research Network in 2017 - we welcome our newest participants: 
  • Clausthal University of Technology
  • Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Envisa
  • Adherent Technologies, Inc.
  • Ryerson University
  • Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Coppe - Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Engineering Research)
  • Fundación CIDAUT
The R&D Committee holds monthly teleconferences as we work toward our research initiatives. To learn more about AFRA R&D and to join the committee visit  the R&D page of the website or contact staff

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