February 2016
Industry News
"Rolls-Royce announced the launch of its new SelectCare service on Wednesday (January 13) as the UK engine OEM expands its options and steps up its pursuit of a greater share in the engine services aftermarket..."
- MRO Network

"The rising economic tides that have surged across the Asia-Pacific region in recent years continue to lift the aerospace business and with it, a fast-growing Asian MRO sector. Even choppy waters in China's stock market this past summer don't appear to be slowing the tide appreciably in the region's $16.5bn MRO business..."
- MRO Network
AFRA Committee Updates
AFRA's BMP Development Committee met via teleconference on January 29 to continue discussing the revisions to the BMP definitions and to review the draft version of the AFRA audits appeals process document. To participate in this Committee, please email AFRA staff to be added to the email list.

Members of the   Communications Committee have provided feedback on planning the programming for two upcoming meetings: the AFRA Breakfast Meeting at ISTAT Americas and the AFRA/ ASA Annual Meeting. Committee members also contributed case studies and feedback on an upcoming ICAO Environmental Report article authored by AFRA. The Communications Committee will continue to respond to content requests from industry publications, and will be providing further feedback to staff as AFRA redesigns its website. Interested in getting involved? Please contact  AFRA staff.
Upcoming Industry Events
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February 28-March 1, 2016
Phoenix, AZ

Hong Kong, SAR, China

Stuttgart, Germany

MRO Americas 2016 
April 5-7, 2016
Dallas, Texas

IATA Ops Conference 2016
April 18-20, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

June 26-28, 2016
Las Vegas, NV
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Board Update 
From Nigel Marsh
Why is the End of Life (EoL) management of aircraft so important?

Well, taking a bigger picture view of our world there is an increasing global focus on 'sustainability' and the 'circular economy.' This is basically about 'doing more with less' and realising the full value of what we use and create, even waste. We can all benefit from this approach too as we save money by both using less resources in the first instance and by reducing the waste that we generate. So we become more resilient as a business. 

We also know that in our own business there will be an increasing demand for parts from retired aircraft to maintain fleets and an increasing pressure to dispose of less to landfill at EoL. To meet these requirements, we will need consistent global processes that both provide air worthy parts and recyclable materials from aircraft disposal that preferably stay within our own supply chain - closed loop processes. To do the latter we will need more long term research and development programmes that collectively help us to eliminate waste that falls out of the value chain and goes to landfill.

I am passionate about all of the above - it's what I call 'pragmatic environmental sustainability;' hence my support for AFRA in its vision to be the premier organisation for the advancement of good practices for the EoL management of aircraft.  I'm delighted to have been given the opportunity to join the Board last year and look forward to working with all of you (and our stakeholders) in advancing EoL standards for a sustainable and resilient industry. By working for the highest levels of safety and environmental performance in our sector, we can make a real difference!

Featured AFRA Company:
CAVU Aerospace, Inc.

Why did you join AFRA?
We were approached in 2012 about becoming a member. After our initial review of the BMP (best management practices) we felt that  AFRA was committed to environmentally responsible management of airplanes as they reach their end of service and felt AFRA was attempting to create a global culture that would ultimately be the voice of our industry as it relates to aircraft dismantling, recycling and asset management.  That was something we felt strongly about at the time and really wanted to be a part of.

When did you first join AFRA?
We have been a proud AFRA member since 2013.


What has changed within your company since joining AFRA?
We strive to maximize our environmental efficiency with the disassembly of each end of service aircraft.  We are even more persistent when it comes to challenging our recycling goals and safety efforts, and with the recent success of our exclusive R.A.M.P. (Recycling and Asset Management Program) program we have been able to show the aircraft owner/lessor how to effectively increase the residual value of the aircraft.


What benefits have you received from being a part of the Association?
We have created some tremendous working relationships with other AFRA members and feel as though AFRA is really making tremendous strides in its efforts to increase global awareness and bring recognition to the association. As their efforts increase, we believe the benefits to the members will as well. 


Upcoming Meetings

AFRA Hosts ISTAT Americas Breakfast


AFRA will be hosting a breakfast meeting at the upcoming  ISTAT Americas  event, on February 28 - March 1, 2016, in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are planning to attend the ISTAT Americas event, I hope you will be able to join us for the breakfast meeting as well.  Please save the date and contact   AFRA staff   to RSVP. 

3rd European Aircraft Recycling Symposium

The third European Aircraft Recycling Symposium will be held in Stuttgart March 16 and 17, 2016. This event will provide a forum for discussion on the most recent trends in multiple aspects of aircraft end-of-life operations. Current questions to be answered include the economic and technical situation of aircraft dismantling and recycling in Europe, as well as the most appropriate recycling technologies for composite materials or metals. 

The presenters from industry, research, and administration are representatives of AFRA, Umicore, Hutchinson, and Constellium. They will discuss amongst others composite and turbine material recycling topics, to draw a balanced picture about the current status and potential prospects for this industry. Please click here to register. 

AFRA Annual Conference

The AFRA & ASA Annual Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on June 26-28, 2016. Each year AFRA & ASA provide attendees with a variety of business development and management, quality assurance, legal/regulatory and general industry topics in one comprehensive and engaging event! Pay one price for two aviation events - registering through ASA's event registration page gives you access to both the ASA and AFRA conference programming. 

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