January 2016
Industry News
"Every 30 to 35 years the aviation industry introduces new technology for the airline and MRO business that disrupts the status quo. We have begun a new cycle of disruptive change with the introduction of new generation intelligent, composite aircraft..."
- MRO Network

"The parts-provisioning program - a partnership between AFI KLM E&M and Boeing that began in the early 2000s - significantly reduces airlines' up-front investment in spare parts, provides competitive and predictable repair costs and offers a rapid and reliable supply of critical parts from a pool shared by participating operators..."
- AviationPros
AFRA Committee Update
AFRA's BMP Development Committee will be holding its next meeting in late January. If you are interested in participating, please email AFRA staff to be added to the email list.

The  Communications Committee is up and running, and has started planning for the website redesign and the programming for the next AFRA meeting. Interested in participating? Please email AFRA staff.
Upcoming Industry Events
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February 10-11, 2016
Fort Lauderdale, FL

28 February - 1 March 2016
Phoenix, AZ

Hong Kong, SAR, China

IATA Ops Conference 2016
April 18-20, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

June 26-28, 2016
Las Vegas, NV
Growing Our Social Media Footprint
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Board  Update 
From Marco Gehr
AFRA Members,
It is the New Year! On behalf of the Board we would like to wish you prosperity and abundance, not just this year, but beyond.

Last year was a year of changes at AFRA. The Board itself went through comprehensive alterations as founding members stepped down and five new Board members joined. We have also initiated a re-branding of AFRA with the launch of a new logo that will be followed by a new website in the next few months. However, the most seismic shift was the handover of the operational management to Kellen, a well-experienced association management company. This step was taken to prepare the organization for the future, for sustainable and professional growth and to accelerate this development which had predominately been managed and driven by the Board in the past.
In December, our Board completed the budgeting process for 2016. We have agreed on a conservative financial projection with more upside potential than downside. AFRA's 2016 budget will plan for growth initiatives to increase our global awareness through partnering with other associations and implementing working committees. The latter shall give you a platform to become engaged with others members to create ideas, form concepts and to highlight things you think the organization should work on.
Have a successful start into the New Year!

Association Updates

Congratulations to Our Newest Members!

Aerobay Pvt. Ltd.

Green Bird Aviation
Featured Company Update:
ComAv Technical Services, LLC

  1. Why did you join AFRA?
    ComAv joined AFRA as part of a growing need to gain updated information about the end-of-life of aircraft.  Aircraft manufacturers respond to customers looking for more efficient ways in cutting operating costs. Some of the changes are in the structures part of the aircraft that provide less weight and helps reduce the cost of fuel.  This is important because the aircraft structure will also have less metal.  
  2. When did you first join AFRA?
    ComAv Joined AFRA July 27, 2008 as Southern California Aviation.
  3. What has changed within your company since joining AFRA?
    Since joining AFRA, we have always been looking for new ways to become more efficient and be more environmentally friendly.
  4. What benefits have you received from being a part of the Association?
    AFRA promotes its members. The benefits include the sharing of information with other industry leaders and the development of Best Management Practices (BMP). BMPs help aircraft recycling businesses to manage end-of-life aircraft in a safe and environmentally responsible process.

AFRA Annual Meeting

The AFRA & ASA Annual Conference continues to be THE premier event for the aviation distributor industry. Each year AFRA & ASA provide attendees with a variety of business development and management, quality assurance, legal/regulatory and general industry topics in one comprehensive and engaging event! Boasting an environment that offers ample one-on-one interactions with all attendees, exhibitors, and speakers, this event is more intimate and manageable than many of the other industry meetings. Attracting aviation professionals from around the world, including 5 continents, the AFRA & ASA Annual Conference brings a great range of attendees each year. Companies represented at the meeting include domestic and foreign air carriers, OEMs, MROs, suppliers, repair stations, distributors and more!

More information to follow - please save the date!

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