May 2016
Nominations for
AFRA Board of Directors
AFRA is pleased to announce the call for nominations to serve on the AFRA Board of Directors. If you would like to nominate someone, or yourself, for consideration please click here to complete the form by Friday, May 13, 2016. 
Industry News
"The ATR 72 fleet is projected to surge from 130 this year to 319 in a decade, a strong 10.5% CAGR. The rosy fleet-growth outlook for both Asia-Pacific and Latin America translates into similar lofty projections on the MRO side. Aviation Week's figures see regional MRO demand growing at 8.6% in Asia-Pacific, totaling $7.1 billion, and 9.9% in Latina America, totaling $3.3 billion, during the decade..."
- Aviation Week

"While the commercial aftermarket is undergoing seismic shifts on several fronts-from continued OEM advances to harnessing analytics to support operators-airframe MRO specialists are still combating the same major issue that has vexed them for decades: how to keep a steady stream of work flowing through hangars year-round...."
- Aviation Week
AFRA Committee Updates
The AFRA  BMP Development Committee recently discussed the recycling of composite materials as well as handling of hazardous materials. Moving forward, AFRA plans to put together a general informational bulletin on how to properly dispose and handle hazardous materials. To participate in this Committee, please email AFRA staff to be added to the email list.

Members of the Communications Committee have recently signed-off on forming a media partnership with Airfrance Journal. In addition, the AFRA website redesign team has made some significant progress and will be ready for final edits very soon.  Interested in getting involved? Please contact AFRA staff
Upcoming Industry Events
Save the Date! 

ATAG Global Sustainable
Aviation Forum 2016

May10, 2016
Montreal, Canada

May 17-19, 2016
Tokyo, Japan

June 8-9, 2016
Prague, Czech Republic

June 26-28, 2016
Las Vegas, NV, USA

ISTAT Reception at Farnborough International Airshow
July 11, 2016
London, England

Growing Our Social Media Footprint
Please let us know about your company's Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter profile. Follow AFRA and share our news that you think might be interesting for your followers - we will of course do the same with your messages!

Board Update 
From Bradley Gregory, Air Salvage International Ltd.
Dear AFRA Members,

Welcome to our May newsletter!  Yes it is May already and  summertime is upon us! For many of you this is a time when we slow down a little and are ready for the influx of aircraft disassembly after the summer's flying. But for the airlines, aircraft are ready, and on standby for an expected record year of holiday makers and business people to jet set around the globe. 

Many of you may have attended the MRO Americas exhibition in Dallas, TX, USA and it hopefully was a benefit to everyone who made it. Our AFRA staff engaged with 20+ of our member companies at the exhibition and also began discussions with several companies who are interested in joining.

A brief update of what your Board has been up to...At long last, we expect the new website will be launched this month, after months of content filling, decision making and photograph collections we now plan to go live by the end of May. Also, we have significantly progressed with regards to partnership initiatives with the International Air Quality Group (IAQG), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Last of all we are very much looking forward to welcoming you all to attend the ASA / AFRA Annual Conference which will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA in June! We hope as many of you as possible can make it for a year of even more interesting seminars and discussions as well as plenty of networking time!


Association Update

MRO Americas 2016: Recap

From April 5 - 7, 2016, AFRA staff attended MRO Americas which was held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, USA. The conference provided AFRA with the opportunity to meet with over 20 member companies and provided a forum to speak with prospective companies as well. 

Membership Update

Congratulations to Our Newest Members!

Featured AFRA Company:
Apple Aviation Limited

Why did you join AFRA?
Apple Aviation saw joining AFRA as the first logical step when we looked into establishing an aircraft teardown / recycling facility at our UK Newquay MRO Facility.  Governed in the UK by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the UK Environment Agency (EA), we saw AFRA as the leading worldwide accrediting body in the standardisation and governance of aircraft and component recycling. When coupled with our Environment Agency bespoke licence and EASA / FAA MRO maintenance approvals, this provided Apple Aviation with a solid foundation for Airlines, OEMs, Military Organisations and Lessors for their specific and tailored end-of-life solutions.

When did you first join AFRA?
We started the process in 2013 and underwent our first accreditation audit in December of that year.

What has changed within your company since joining AFRA?
Since joining AFRA, Apple Aviation has continued to show year over year growth as an MRO and alongside this expansion our aircraft recycling facility has seen an increase in utilisation. Primarily involved in wide bodied and narrow body teardowns at Newquay UK, we are now looking towards certification from the Environment Agency to enable us to conduct remote / mobile teardowns worldwide, further enhancing our ability to support our customers wherever they may be.

What benefits have you received from being a part of the Association?
It is interesting that often the first question we get asked by potential customers is, "Are you a member of AFRA and do you hold MRO maintenance approval on that type?" Clearly AFRA accreditation is seen as a benchmark in the current market. With the ever-increasing fear of bogus parts or genuine parts re-entering the spares market illegally, compliance with the requirements of AFRA's Best Management Practice is seen as an indicator of the credibility of our company and the assurance of quality to our customers.  

AFRA Annual Conference:
Registration & Sponsorship Opportunities

The AFRA & ASA Annual Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on June 26-28, 2016. Each year AFRA & ASA provide attendees with a variety of business development and management, quality assurance, legal/regulatory and general industry topics in one comprehensive and engaging event! Pay one price for two aviation events - registering through ASA's event registration page gives you access to both the ASA and AFRA conference programming. 

For more event information and sponsorship opportunities, please click below.

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