May 2017
AFRA Board of Directors
AFRA President
Derk-Jan van Heerden,

AFRA Vice President
Amy Bann,
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

AFRA Treasurer
Marco Gehr,
ELG Haniel Group

AFRA Secretary
Bradley Gregory,
Air Salvage International

Tim Zemanovic, Jet Yard, LLC

Kahina Oudjehani, Bombardier

Gary Spoors, GJD Services Ltd.

Nigel Marsh, Rolls-Royce plc

Keri Wright, Universal Asset Management
AFRA Staff
Reed Hitchcock
Executive Director

Laura Dwulet
General Manager

David Bernstein
Industry Affairs Coordinator 

Industry News
"The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) holds a conference in conjunction with the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) where they seek to standardize the parts distribution network, educate suppliers, and certify distributors..."
- AviationPros

" The industry has created such complicated documentation requirements for life-limited parts (LLP) that many players are feeling adverse impacts.  These requirements, which vary from customer to customer, 'are very counterproductive, time-consuming and cause both an increase in cost, decrease in asset values and loss of marketability and trade,' says International Aircraft Associates President Mitch Weinberg..."
- MRO Network

" Skills shortages and outdated technologies are among the primary concerns for the commercial aviation aftermarket during an era of fleet expansion and modernization, according to Oliver Wyman's 2017 MRO survey ... "
- Aviation Week

AFRA Committee Updates
Please email AFRA staff to get involved in AFRA's committees:


*AFRA BMP Development Committee


*AFRA Communications 



*AFRA Government Affairs Committee


*AFRA R&D Committee


New Membership Update
Spire Flight Solutions offers customized, cost-effective flight support services for commercial operators, military flight units, and aircraft leasing and banking institutions across the globe. From flight planning to obtaining difficult over-flight and landing clearances to coordinating ground handling services and qualified flight crew, it is our mission to provide you with unparalleled customized support for all of your unique operations.  Our experienced, multilingual and multicultural team is hand-picked from accredited aviation institutions and the airline industry.
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Engine Leasing, Trading
& Finance 2017
May 10-11, 2017
London, UK

AFRA 2017 Annual Meeting
July 9-11, 2017
Reston, VA

September 24-26, 2017
Edinburgh, Scotland

MRO Europe
October 3-5, 2017
London, UK

MRO Asia-Pacific
October 31 - November 2, 2017
Singapore Exhibition Centre

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Association Update 
From Tim Zemanovic, Jet Yard, LLC
AFRA and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc: (ISRI) have started discussions on how they can help benefit from each other's members.

ISRI members specialize in the process and manufacturing of many scrap materials and may be able to help find markets for the various aircraft scraps that are not currently recycled. We discussed the goal of getting airframe recycling rates up to 95%-100% and ISRI expertise could contribute to that goal. AFRA members recycle hundreds of aircraft per year generating millions of pounds of scrap material for ISRI members to process and market.

Recently I had the pleasure of representing AFRA at the ISRI Annual Convention in which I presented on the topic of Aircraft Recycling. We had about 30 people in attendance during the presentation and the crowd was very interested in the subject. I surveyed the attendees and found out that four companies had previous experience with airframe and engine recycling. Some had a bad experience due to the lack of knowledge in the types of scrap and HAZMAT materials present in commercial aircraft. For example, one recycler I spoke with received a load of scrap that contained depleted uranium. It wasn't discovered right away and the scrap buyer had to pay to get rid of the DU material, thus losing any expected profit.

Many scrap processors and buyers outside of aviation don't realize what types of alloys or hazardous materials might be present in commercial aircraft scrap. For instance, the 2000 and 7000 series aluminums mixed together are not desirable in the everyday scrap market, which means that you will likely receive a lower price compared to other aluminum alloys. Segregation may help bring better pricing for the scrap materials but as always a cost benefit analysis must be performed. Being upfront with your buyer will set expectations and likely receive a more accurate scrap price for the material. Going forward AFRA member companies will need to help educate the scrap markets on the types of materials that can be expected from commercial aircraft recycling, and at the same time, ISRI members can help AFRA find new markets for scrap materials that otherwise will end up in landfill.

I would like to thank all members for their support of AFRA and I wish you success.

Best regards,
Tim Zemanovic
AFRA Board of Directors
Jet Yard, LLC

Association Updates
Government Affairs Program

Over the past month, AFRA EU members participated with AFRA's Brussels staff in several meetings with the European Commission (EC). In particular, the meetings were organized with the Directorates-General for transportation and environment and provided AFRA with the opportunity to discuss the different aspects of airplane recycling, the challenges that the sector is facing in relation to EU and International legislation, and how airplane recycling is in line with the principle of circular economy. As a follow-up, additional meetings with EU stakeholders will be organized in the coming weeks. 

For a report on recent policy & regulatory updates, please click   here

AFRA BMP Development Committee

The BMP Development Committee met via teleconference in March and discussed prospective edits, comments, and feedback regarding improvements to the BMP. We are looking to schedule our next teleconference in May, please click here to indicate your availability.  If you'd like to get involved and be added to the participant list, please contact staff.

AFRA Communications Committee

The Communications Committee recently finalized media partnership barter-agreements with Aviation Week, ch-aviation, and is in the process of working with Airfinance Journal. If you are interested in participating in the Committee,  please contact staff.

AFRA R&D Committee

Committee members are in the process of reaching out to organizations that are potential research network participants. For more information and to get involved with this Committee, please see the website for more information: 

MRO Americas Event Recap

AFRA staff recently attended the MRO Americas event, April 24-27 in Orlando, Florida. The multi-day expo provided an opportunity for staff to meet with potential AFRA member companies. And we had the chance to visit many of our AFRA member booths at well - it was great seeing many of you there! 

New Advertising Opportunity
AFRA is now offering advertisement space on its website to promote companies and services relevant to the aircraft end-of-life management industry. If your company is interested in purchasing ad space, please contact AFRA staff. This is an opportunity to show support for the Aircraft Fleet Recycling industry and Association while also gaining valuable exposure for your company, promoting new and upcoming product offerings, or announcing relevant company news and information. 
AFRA Annual Conference
The AFRA & ASA Annual Conference will be held in Reston, Virginia, USA on June 9-11, 2017. Each year AFRA & ASA provide attendees with a variety of business development and management, quality assurance, legal/regulatory and general industry topics in one comprehensive and engaging event! For more information, please see below.

Support the mission of AFRA while promoting your company's brand at the AFRA Annual Conference in Reston, VA, USA. With our wide variety of sponsorship opportunities, your logo and marketing materials will be front and center to our global network of Aviation professionals. Most sponsorships include complimentary passes, so please reserve your level prior to registering by contacting AFRA staff.

Please click here for more information on how to register for the AFRA & ASA Annual Conference. Don't forget to register by May 19 to lock-in a discounted rate!

Annual Conference Location
Hyatt Regency Reston Virginia
Discount Rate Cutoff: June 16, 2017 
Reservations: By phone: +1 703-709-1234 or to make an online reservation, please click here.

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