October 2015
Industry News
"Carbon fiber composites have a healthy outlook based on their replacing other materials to save weight on aircraft. As well, OEMs are producing more aircraft at high rates to replace aging machines and accommodate overall growth in the travel industry. Boeing estimates some 36,770 new airplanes will be built in the 2014-2033 time frame..."
- Plastic News

"After the Netherlands engine MRO&U assigned by the US DoD, the MRO&U standup contract is the next important step towards the Netherlands' goal to provide Pratt & Whitney and the F-35 operators with the world class F135 MRO&U services by the end of 2019..."
- MarketWatch
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ISTAT Europe
October 4-6, 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

October 13-15, 2015
London, United Kingdom

October 21-22, 2015
Paris, France

November 24, 2015
Dublin, Ireland

June 26-28, 2016
Las Vegas, NV
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President's Update 
From Derk-Jan van Heerden
Dear Colleagues,
When you receive this newsletter the board will have just finished a strategic planning session- I am writing to you all a few days before the meeting. During this session, we will use the feedback we received from the short member survey and will focus our attention on the areas in which we want to grow AFRA. I would like to thank you all for taking the time to answer the questions to the survey, including your kind remarks, but most importantly the critical notes in which you described of how things can and should improve. As a follow-up, we will do a similar survey on an annual basis. I would encourage each one of you to reach out if you have any concessions or constructive comments at any time. I promise you that we will do our best to answer all questions and ideas.
In September I had the privilege and honor to represent AFRA at an ICAO conference that focused on the environment. Before I gave my presentation, I was able to hear the secretary general of ICAO, Dr. Fang Liu speak about a developing partnership with AFRA that is underway. Following Dr. Fang Liu's speech, I got a chance to speak with her and we both agreed that there are great opportunities to work together- you will hear more about this partnership in the near future.
When it came time for me to present (view presentation here), I focused mainly on the aviation sector and how it has all the elements in place to provide a good end-of-service solution, particularly emphasizing the solutions provided by AFRA accredited members. In comparison to other industries, ours not only stands out in our core-approach to sustainable best practices for recycling and disassembling our own parts, but also in the promotion of improving industry standards and regulations. In closing, I ended my speech with discussing our challenges at hand: end-of-service aircraft owner's lack of consideration for environmental performance when choosing their end-of-service provider, industry wide awareness about the potential risks associated with end-of-service aircraft, and lastly I touched on the need for the market to demand quality.
In relation to the ATAG Global Sustainable Aviation Summit, we will plan to have our strategic session in Geneva at the same time as we were invited as guests to speak about our niche market. With the opportunity afforded to us to share our message at these big industry events, I am confident that representatives of companies, organizations, and countries will recognize our impact and provide endorsements for the AFRA BMP. By creating a more sustainable end-of-life market, we not only create a more sustainable planet, but do so while generating more business and profit to our members.
Happy recycling!
Association Updates
AFRA Presentation at ICAO September Meeting

On September 16 - 17, in Montréal, Canada ICAO held their Global Aviation Partnerships on Emissions Reductions (E-GAP): Multiplying Environmental Action Seminar.  This seminar provided an open forum to highlight the positive effects of ICAO's current partnerships with government and regulatory agencies in their efforts to reduce emissions from aircrafts internationally. The seminar also addressed the current state of aircraft recycling in which Derk-Jan van Heerden was invited on behalf of AFRA to speak as a special guest. Specifically, Derk-Jan touched-on the market, the BMP, industry outreach, and the ongoing challenges that faces the aviation recycling industry. For more information, a link to Derk-Jan's presentation can be found here.
ASI & UK's Environment Agency Promote Sustainable Best Practices

Based on the information on fluid removal for two aircrafts representative of the industry (Boeing 737 and Airbus A320), the UK Environment Agency recently deemed that hydraulic fluids removal from waste aircraft is being conducted in a manner described as being non-hazardous waste. Granted that any other hazardous components are also removed from the aircraft, Environment Agency does not consider the further treatment of such an aircraft to be an "installation activity'" under the UK's Industrial Emissions Directive, but rather, these operations can be conducted under the existing "waste operation" permits.
Fluid removal data was provided to the Environment Agency by Air Salvage International (ASI), a company that specializes in aircraft disassembly. Alan Owers, Technical Advisor at Environment Agency, noted in a letter to an Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association's point of contact in the UK, Nigel Marsh, Global Head of Environment at Rolls-Royce, that ASI's disassembly of the aircrafts has met industry regulations. Owers wrote that, "We believe it is reasonable to regard a waste aircraft that has had the hydraulic systems drained in this manner and to this extent as being non-hazardous waste."
In addition to striving to carry out their operations in a way that complies with government regulations, ASI also meets AFRA's aircraft disassembly accreditation standards. ASI is the first UK company to obtain AFRA's Best Management Practice (BMP) accreditation for dismantling of aircraft. For more information about the findings of this study, please contact AFRA General Manager, Laura Dwulet LDwulet@AFRAassociation.org
AFRA Welcomes Newest Staff Member

In September, David Bernstein joined the AFRA management team as AFRA's Staff Associate.  David's role will include providing administrative project support for AFRA, including support in communications as well as overseeing membership databases. Prior to AFRA, David was an Account Executive for IBM's Mobile Security Division.  David is very excited for the opportunity to work with AFRA as environmental sustainability has been a passionate area of interest to him since graduating from Dickinson College; which is considered the third most sustainable college campus in the United States.
Congratulations to Our Newest Accredited Company 
AFRA Committees - Get Involved! 
With the conclusion of our Strategic Planning meeting in Geneva we will continue scheduling teleconference meetings for both the BMP Development Committee and the Government Affairs Committee. If you are interested, it is not too late to join and participate in one or both of these committees. Please send an email to Laura Dwulet LDwulet@AFRAassociation.org for more information on joining any of the aforementioned committees.
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