October 2018
AFRA Board of Directors
AFRA President 
Derk-Jan van Heerden, 

AFRA Vice President 
Amy Bann, 
Boeing Commercial Airplanes 

AFRA Treasurer 
Marco Gehr, 
ELG Haniel Group 

AFRA Secretary 
Kahina Oudjehani, Bombardier 

James Cobbold, Air Salvage International

Brent Webb, CAVU Aerospace

Mike Corne, eCube Solutions

Jason Reed, GA Telesis LLC 

Gary Spoors, GJD Services Ltd. 

Nigel Marsh, Rolls-Royce plc

Pierre Bonnichon, Tarmac Aerosave SAS

AFRA Staff
Hans Craen
Executive Director

Laura Dwulet
General Manager

David Bernstein
Industry Affairs Coordinator 

Gabriella Kemendi
Government Affairs Coordinator

Sam Nysetvold
Staff Associate

Industry News
"Troubles at the end of an aircraft lease often stem from the different perspectives lessors and airlines have toward the leased aircraft. These differences can lead to differences in maintenance spending on aircraft an airline owns, versus the ones it just leases."
- MRO Network

"The global air transport sector supports 65.5 million jobs and $2.7 trillion in global economic activity, according to new research by ATAG. The report, Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders, explores the fundamental role civil aviation plays for today's society and addresses the economic, social, and environmental impacts of the global industry."
- SpeedNews

"Given aviation's position at the forefront of high-tech engineering, it is surprising how slowly the aircraft maintenance sector has evolved. Clever new inspection techniques have sped up and improved damage detection, and new repair processes have been developed to fix the latest composite materials, but maintenance largely remains a human endeavor, almost as reliant on touch labor as it ever was."
- Aviation Week
AFRA Committees
Please email AFRA staff  to get involved in AFRA's committees:

*AFRA BMP Development Committee


*AFRA Communications 



*AFRA Government Affairs Committee


*AFRA R&D Committee

Upcoming Industry Events
Save The Date!

November 13-14, 2018
Madrid, Spain

February 11-12, 2019
Dubai, UAE

ASA-AFRA 2019 Annual Meeting
July 14-16, 2019
Montreal, Canada
AFRA Advertising Opportunity
AFRA is currently offering advertisement space on its website to promote companies and services relevant to the aircraft end-of-life management industry. If your company is interested in purchasing ad space, please contact  AFRA staff . This is an opportunity to show support for the Aircraft Fleet Recycling industry and Association while also gaining valuable exposure for your company, promoting new and upcoming product offerings, or announcing relevant company news and information. Advertisement details can be found on the AFRA website.
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AFRA Members Only Website Resources
Don't forget to visit the AFRA Website to view the Members Only section, where you can find additional resources and updates offered only to members! Please contact staff with any questions regarding access or content.
Association Update 
From James Cobbold, Air Salvage International

Dear AFRA Members,

Following on from Kelly  Lyon's highly successful AFRA audit visit to our facility over the summer, our attention turns to the next wave of conferences and expo's over the coming weeks and months. Finding a balance between productivity, cost, company exposure and business generation is becoming increasingly difficult with more events being added to the calendar every year. The usual big players such as global ISTAT and MRO events (not to mention our very own AFRA conference) are on the minds of all industry professionals as their attendance figures show, but can the smaller and sometimes newer events generate as much exposure and business opportunities? I certainly enjoy the smaller, more intimate industry events and they have been successful to me personally based on generated business. With so many industry related forums taking place all year round, each company must find a model that not only meets individual budgets, but can gain maximum exposure and grow the business not just by revenue but also by reputation.

On this theme, I would like to thank all those that attended the first AFRA Networking Reception held last month in Prague during the ISTAT EMEA conference. It was great to meet fellow members in a less formal environment and also meet new potential member companies of our organisation. There certainly seemed to be interest from several parties about new membership and I am sure AFRA staff are following up on these leads. On a personal note, I would like to thank Laura and the AFRA staff for organising this event and if you would like to offer any input regarding next years event, I am sure they would love to hear from you.
Safe travels everyone and no doubt see you all at one event or another in the near future.
Best regards,
James Cobbold

Industry Event Updates
RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference

AFRA Staff recently attended the Annual RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference on September 19 - 20, 2018 in Rochester, NY as a strategic alliance partner of the Remanufacturing Industries Council . This conference provided AFRA with the opportunity to learn from organizations represented from all sectors of the remanufacturing industry on collaborative best practices, emerging trends, and critical issues. To view the presentations from the conference, please click here.
username:  dbernstein@afraassociation.org
password: AFRA

ATAG Global Summit

AFRA Staff recently attended the Global Sustainable Aviation Summit of ATAG (Air Transport Action Group) on 2-3 October in Geneva, Switzerland. It was a good opportunity for staff to meet with government authorities and representatives of airlines and companies active in the aviation sector and also to hear about global efforts within the aviation sector to contribute to a sustainable development.

MRO Europe

AFRA Staff recently attended MRO Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 16-18, 2018. Staff enjoyed the opportunities to connect with members and engage new companies looking to learn more about AFRA. One highlight was attending a panel discussion on parts traceability featuring AFRA board member Brent Webb of CAVU Aerospace!
Committee Updates
Government Affairs Committee

AFRA's Government Affairs Committee focused during the last month on finalizing the association's contribution to the EU public consultation on the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation, due on 29 October. In addition to this, the Government Committee Public Affairs strategy (with a focus on the EU) has been fine-tuned and presented to the AFRA board on 16 October. For more information and/or to participate in this committee, please email AFRA staff.

For a more detailed report on the committee's activities and recent policy & regulatory updates, please click   here

AFRA BMP Development Committee

The proposed BMP version 4.0 is in the process of legal review and we will plan to hold a Committee teleconference in the coming month. To get involved with this Committee, please  contact staff.

AFRA Communications Committee

The Communications Committee has been contacted in regards to a speaking opportunity at the upcoming 26th International Recycled Aluminum Conference in Amsterdam on 6th-8th November. AFRA is also working on a partnership with Airfinance Journal that would benefit the work and awareness of both parties. The Committee also recently contributed content to a CNBC story on aircraft recycling - stay tuned for seeing that in print! If you are interested in getting involved, please  contact staff .

AFRA R&D Committee

The committee is collecting some final details about the proposed research projects in order to make a recommendation to the Board of Directors as to which research to pursue. To get involved with the R&D Committee, please email AFRA staff.
Other News
ASA-AFRA 2019 Annual Meeting

Mark your calendars for the 
ASA-AFRA 2019 Annual  Meeting!

July 14-16, 2019
Montreal, Canada
Hotel OMNI Mont-Royal

Information about the agenda, hotel, rates, and registration will be posted on ASA and AFRA websites. Check back soon for more details!

Brexit Update

AFRA Staff is monitoring the impact Brexit may have on the industry and will provide updates for members as the discussions continue. If you are interested in learning more, please see below for links to relevant articles.

- MRO Network, 17 October 2018

-McGill University, 16 October 2018
-NBC News, 24 September 2018

-European Commission, 8 February 2018

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