The AFS podcast is finally here! 
In the U.S. alone, 40% of people listen to at least one podcast a week (and growing rapidly). We’re excited to be part of this digital growth and are confident this medium will keep you better aligned and informed with AFS and agricultural news.
AFS Podcast episodes are now officially available on major podcast carriers, giving you quick access to important content you need when you need it - at home, at your desk, in the tractor, or on-the-go. This includes the ability to download or listen to podcast content offline, at your convenience. 
Please help us get started by tapping your peers on the shoulder and encouraging them to join. This new channel will include content you won’t be able to access anywhere else.
Starting listening today and make sure to subscribe to the AFS Podcast, Agronomy for Farmer Success. By subscribing, you will get notified as soon as new episodes are added.