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December 2013
Doors open:
Biltmore Hotel 
2151 Laurelwood Road
Santa Clara, CA 95054
2014 Tax Update
Day of Event at the Door 
$40 Members, $50 Guests
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Annette Nellen, CPA, Esq.
2014 Tax Update

AFWA Silicon Valley is excited to have Annette Nellen present the 2014 Tax Update for our January membership meeting. Don't miss out! Register early to save a spot! 

Annette Nellen, CPA, Esq., is a professor in and director of San Jos´┐Ż State University 's graduate tax program (MST), teaching courses in tax research, accounting methods, property transactions, state taxation, employment tax, ethics, tax policy, tax reform, and high technology tax issues.  Annette has over 25 years of experience in the area of taxation with emphasis on tax policy and reform for the past 18 years.


Annette serves on the AICPA Tax Executive Committee and the AICPA Tax Reform Task Force. She is a past chair of the AICPA Individual Taxation Technical Resource Panel. Annette is a monthly contributor to the AICPA Tax Insider and Corporate Taxation Insider e-newsletters. Annette was the lead author of the AICPA tax policy concept statement #1, Guiding Principles of Good Tax Policy: A Framework for Evaluating Tax Proposals (2001), still in use today.   In fall 2013, Annette completed a three-year term on the Executive Committee of the Taxation Section of the California Bar.


Annette is the author of Bloomberg BNA Tax Portfolio #533, Amortization of Intangibles. She is also the author of Bloomberg  BNA's Legal & Business portfolio, Overview of Internet Taxation Issues.


Annette has testified before the House Ways & Means Committee, Senate Finance Committee, California Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee, and tax reform commissions and committees on various aspects of federal and state tax reform. In July 2013, she accepted an invitation to participate in a tax reform roundtable held by the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Annette maintains the 21st Century Taxation website and blog (, as well as several websites on tax reform, state tax nexus and e-commerce taxation.


Prior to joining SJSU in 1990, Annette was with Ernst & Young and the IRS.


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* Six Awkward Office Holiday Party Moments and How to Diffuse Them *
* Five tips for successful revenue recognition implementation *

Julia Becklund


Happy Holidays


When I was young my family frequently moved, as my father was a field engineer for General Electric.  My father would receive notice from General Electric when he had been transferred to another division, which would happen every two years and sometimes more frequently. During one move my parents decided to stop in at my mother's home town to visit her parents, my grandparents.  


I remember my grandmother being so fascinated with the fact that my sisters had never seen a live Santa Claus.  Santa Claus was just a drawing in a book for my sisters, for them a pure and magical image and a story that they heard about once a year.  


During that visit my grandmother decided it was time for my sisters to see a live Santa Claus.  She packed the two of them into the car and had my grandfather drive.  My grandparents took them to the local department store and made an effort to keep them from seeing Santa Claus until the last possible moment to make it a big surprise.  The picture of my sisters sitting with Santa, both staring at Santa with eyes wide open in amazement is one that will always bring back nostalgic memories of the holidays when I was young.


I want everybody to have a moment like that this year.  I would like you to have a picture-worthy moment that will be remembered for years to come.  We all should make an attempt to have pictures of the time we spend and memories we build with family, friends and people that we care about.


Wishing Everybody a Happy Holiday Season and hoping that you get some great pictures of your family and friends.  



The Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance Annual Conference will be loaded with opportunities for networking, leadership development, education and fun!

You should attend if you are...
  • Responsible for monitoring developments in accounting, taxation and finance
  • Responsible for the quality and profitability of your company or firm
  • Supervising and/or training accounting and finance staff
  • Interested in developing a network of outstanding professionals.
  • Ready to promote your company or product in today's marketplace
  • A beginner or veteran, with or without a degree, in private or public accounting, finance or academia

What will you learn at the Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance Annual Conference?

  • The latest technical developments in accounting, auditing, finance, tax, management, leadership, government and industry, including e-commerce, and budgeting and accounting software applications
  • Motivational strategies that work
  • Methods for effective management of people and the marketplace
  • Effective means of identifying and responding to economic problems
  • Valuable leadership techniques
  • Means for achieving effective communication
  • Professional contacts in a variety of industries



Obama Care
Speaker: Amrit Dhaliwal

Thank you to those who attended the HealthCare Reform 
update "Obama Care" seminar presented by Amrit. 
If you know of another group who is seeking more information 
on PPACA, Amrit would be glad to present at their meeting. Also, if you know another CPA firm who would like to get acquainted with the latest changes so that they can advise their clients further about PPACA, feel free to connect them to Amrit. Her email address is  




Amrit currently works with local businesses across many industries to provide them the most cost effective medical insurance solutions.
She has a wide variety of clients ranging from IT firms, Non Profits, Medical Professionals (Independent Medical groups, Dentists, Orthodontists, Physical Therapists, Optometrists) and Startups. She guides them through the maze of insurance!
The health benefits range from Medical, Dental, Vision to Group Life and Disability plans. Over the years, it has been a true pleasure for her to meet with successful entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley. Amrit enjoys helping them succeed in the world of health care, while being their partner to help maximize their investment in human capital.


DECEMBER NEWSAccountability

Six Awkward Office Holiday Party Moments 
and How to Diffuse Them
from Accountemps
a Robert Half Company


Although often fun, the office holiday party also can be awkward and uncomfortable. It's one of the few times when work and pleasure mix, which could be fraught with tension, especially if you're nervous about meeting new people or unsure of exactly how to act.


If you find yourself feeling anxious, fear not. Here are some thorny situations you might encounter at an office holiday party and tips for navigating them gracefully. <Read More>




7 Ways To Maximize Your Time During The Holidays 
from Forbes
By Laura Shin, Contributor
November 2013


As we round the bend into Thanksgiving, we can't help but anticipate what is just around the next corner.


First, we think of the holidays and the rush of gift giving and socializing that accompany them. But at the same time, we're barreling toward year's end, which brings with it the race to secure bonuses and/or next year's raises, the hurry to the finish line on end-of-year goals and even last-minute financial odds and ends that must be done before the tax year closes out.


But, you can get it all done - and enjoy yourself. "Don't write off this next month as inevitably crazy and awful and overcommitted," says Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. "Especially when there's lots of things going on, you want to make sure your time doesn't just slip by. The holidays are a great opportunity for nurturing social ties, creating family traditions and really enjoying yourself, so you don't want to hit January and say, 'I missed the whole time.' It's important to be conscious of your time so you spend it doing things you want to do, not just things you have to do."


And let's not forget that somehow we're supposed to accomplish all this while making space for family time.


Here's how to juggle all these priorities over the next five weeks so that you not only put in a stellar month at work but also savor your time with friends and family. <Read More>



Five tips for successful revenue recognition implementation 
from Journal of Accountancy
by  Ken TysiacDecember 2013


The top line on financial statements around the world is about to change.


And companies need to move quickly to determine which personnel will be responsible for implementing the new revenue recognition standard, said Dusty Stallings, CPA, a member of PwC's national professional services group.


"Companies need to get their project management approach in place," said Stallings, who is serving on an AICPA working group devoted to helping companies implement the standard correctly. "... Get the structure in place that you need to understand the change, and follow that change all the way through."


Historic changes that will affect revenue recognition for virtually every company that uses U.S. GAAP or IFRS are on the verge of being put into place by FASB and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).


A majority of members of both boards have indicated that they will vote later this month to support the converged standard. The standard will include a five-step process for recognizing revenue that will not include much of the industry-specific guidance to which U.S. companies are accustomed.

Companies that use IFRS for their financial reporting also will see a change, as the principle of the standard is focused on control, whereas previous IFRS focused on risks and rewards. Stallings said the effects on different companies and industries will vary widely, but everybody will experience some changes.


"I don't think there is anyone who will see no change," Stallings said. "But certainly there are some industries that will have some major changes that they will be facing, such as telecommunications."


After the boards' anticipated approvals this month, the final standard is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2014. Initial implementation efforts, Stallings said, should focus on:

<Read More>





Chair: Tawnya Schwartz

There is an excellent line-up of programs for the Silicon Valley Chapter this year, and most of them qualify for CPE!  Check out the line-up as we have engaged some dynamic and outstanding speakers.

2014 Tax Update
Speaker: TBD

Personal Identity Security
Speaker: TBD

Self Promotion
Speaker: TBD

Chair: Eileen Perry


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Hospitality Chair: Amrit Dhaliwal
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Reservation and cancellation policy:Reservations or cancellations are requested by noon on the Friday preceding each meeting.  Email to reserve or cancel. The goal is an accurate count for the hotel.  Unreserved members (not guests) incur a surcharge of $5.00.


Reserved members or guests who are no-shows will be billed if not cancelled by noon the preceding Friday. We do want you to come to the meetings and reservations are helpful but if you have to cancel let us know beforehand to avoid incurring the cost of the meal. WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENT AT THE DOOR.


Volunteers are always welcome at our monthly membership meetings. Lend a helping hand to make our monthly events and meetings even more interesting while building a great network and forming new relationships.


CPE credit is available for participating in any of our qualified programs.  See Nicole for more details in person at the meeting or email her at NICOLETRANNT@GMAIL.COM.

Chair: Edronda Guiriba

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July 23, 2013 Board meeting. From left to right: Eileen Perry, Edronda Guiriba, Amrit Dhaliwal, Julia Becklund, Sabrina Pacheco (back), Nicole Letellier, Sue Stokke, Nicole Sheets, Nicole Tran, Monika Miles. Missing: Tawnya Schwartz


Julia Becklund


Nicole Letellier


Nicole Sheets


Sabrina Pacheco

Immediate Past President:

Sue Stokke

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Amrit Dhaliwal

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Nicole Tran

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Eileen Perry

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Tawnya Schwartz


Scholarship Chair:

Monika Miles





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