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January 14th, 2021

Over the last year, communities across the country have assessed their treatment of minorities and other under-represented populations. In an effort to facilitate dialogue in the Attorney General community, Amazon and the Attorney General Alliance have partnered to create a series of conversations exploring issues around justice and social equity. We are excited to announce 2021 as the inaugural year of this forum and we look forward to providing focused programing aimed at facilitating exploration of these issues. We thank Amazon for their leadership and invite all of our public and private partners join us as we embark on these discussions.

  • North Carolina AG Stein continued his Task Force on racial equity in criminal justice.The task force’s work will focus on addressing existing policies and procedures that disproportionately affect communities of color and developing solutions to ensure racial equity in North Carolina’s criminal justice system.
*Please check back for frequent updates

Social Justice Initiatives and Consumer Protection Enforcement 
Thursday, February 11th from 1 - 2pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum (Invited)

Summary: Attorney General Consumer Protection and Securities Oversight authority is provided to Attorneys General throughout the country, and AGs routinely use that authority to pursue actions against companies that make claims to influence purchasing or investment decisions that cannot be substantiated. As many companies have publicly committed to courses of action which support social justice and equity enhancements, consumers and investors may choose to support those companies over others, resulting in AGs examining whether such commitments are supported by an organization’s overall business practices. Join us in a conversation to raise awareness regarding the importance of adhering to those pledges in order to avoid Attorney General scrutiny.
HATE Speech and the Internet
Dates & Registration TBA

Moderated by Attorney General Karl Racine, District of Columbia

Summary: Join AG Alliance Co-Chair Attorney General Karl Racine of Washington D.C. as he facilitates a conversation on HATE and the Internet. Extremism — both online and off — is a major problem. “Today we’ve seen just an extraordinary, exponential increase in hate offenses…” said Racine, recalling mass shootings at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, among others, “…it is literally everywhere.” Topics will include Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act; state expansion and standardization of data collection and reporting; increasing understanding and equipping the Attorney General community to counter hate and hate related violence.
Complete program descriptions will follow in the coming weeks.
*Please note: the Cybersecurity Winter Session is a CLOSED program available to AGOs and group members only.
The Rural Broadband Challenge and the Promise of 5G Technology
Wednesday, February 3rd from 1-2pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Phil Weiser, Colorado

Summary: This panel will address a variety of issues and questions surrounding Radio Access Network (RAN) technology and the impact of the rollout of the so-called "5G" wireless telecommunications technology. In particular, the buildout of 5G promises to be game changing, providing Internet access to places that have long struggled to gain robust broadband access. In this panel, we will discuss rural access issues, funding concerns, and the opportunities and challenges related to this technology, including why rural broadband access is important and how the Attorneys General can play a role in encouraging its rollout and adoption.

This session will also touch upon what Attorneys General need to know about rural broadband issues and the applications that can benefit from 5G technology. This discussion will, for example, focus on telehealth, online education opportunities, and economic development. It will also discuss how the government and private firms can work together to advance the rollout of this technology and to address longstanding digital divide challenges.
Sports Betting Follow-Up 
Monday, February 8th from 12 – 1pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Karl Racine, District of Columbia
*Cybersecurity Subcommittee Winter Session 
Thursday, February 25th from 1-3pm ET 

Current topics include but are not limited to: 
  • Counterfeiting issues in vaccine distribution, the black market; 
  • Online fraud and consumer products; 
  • Unpacking the Solar Winds hack; 
  • Using AI to defraud unemployment insurance scams 

For more information on registration and working group participation, please email Andrea Friedman at
Organized Retail Theft and the INFORM Act
Thursday, March 11th from 1-2pm ET






SPOTLIGHT: Mental Health: Beyond the Stigma
Held on Thursday, January 7th 2021

Moderated by:
Attorney General Curtis Hill, Indiana


  • "If we can help solve the mental health issues that people have, we can help them avoid the criminal justice system" -Attorney General Hill

  • "Law enforcement officers have 3 times the rate of suicide compared to the general public" - Dr. Virginia Caine

  • "It is not easy for police officers to switch back from cop mode to normal mode. This takes a toll on police officers that we need to prepare them for to avoid suicide and mental health issues" -Jim Bontrager

Incase you missed our webinar Mental Health: Beyond the Stigma; watch the full recording here.
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