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October 8th, 2020
Cybersecurity AGO Roundtable*
Wednesday, October 21st
1pm - 2:30pm ET
Moderator by Attorney General TJ Donovan, Vermont

This private, *AGO-only event will be held in advance of our Cybersecurity Fall General Session (10/22) and is meant to provide a platform for collaboration and problem-solving among our community. The roundtable program will be held via Zoom, whereas the general session will be held via GoToWebinar.

If you are from a participating Attorney General Office, please email Andrea Friedman at to register. You will be provided will full zoom details upon confirmation. You can register up to the program date.
Cybersecurity Subcommittee Fall Virtual Session*
Thursday, October 22nd
1 - 3pm ET
Opening Remarks from Attorney General Josh Stein, North Carolina

**Registration is not automatic, open to AGOs and group members only.

  • Utah AG Reyes was pleased and honored to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution Distinguished Citizen Medal for his honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism to the community. The award is due to Attorney General Reyes’ work on human trafficking, and increasing awareness of the crimes associated with human trafficking around the world.


  • New Jersey voters will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana next month. The ballot measure, if passed, would amend the state constitution to allow people ages 21 and older to use marijuana. It would also allow the state to establish a regulated market to grow, distribute and sell the drug.


  • Nebraska AG Peterson and California AG Becerra led a coalition of 43 attorneys general in urging the creative community to take action to protect young viewers from tobacco imagery in streamed movies and programs. The coalition directed letters to five creative guilds as part of an ongoing effort to reduce youth exposure to tobacco. Last year, the coalition sent letters urging the streaming industry to limit tobacco imagery in their video content.


  • District of Columbia AG Racine announced grant awards to three community partners that will continue to implement the Cure the Streets violence interruption program in Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) and the winners of a District-wide contest to design a new logo for the program. 


  • Florida AG Moody continued efforts to curb the national opioid crisis claiming lives in Florida—issuing statewide recommendations to address the opioid crisis, creating new partnerships to help Floridians struggling with substance abuse and crafting criminal justice training to assist prosecutors in shutting down the sham sober home industry. 

  • 3M has expanded its region-specific resources to report and stop fraud around the world. The company has launched an aggressive legal effort to stop profiteers who are attempting to take advantage of the demand for 3M products used by healthcare workers and first responders


  • Microsoft Corp. and Rockwell Automation, Inc. announced a five-year partnership expansion to develop integrated, market-ready solutions that help industrial customers improve digital agility through cloud technology. 


  • In a first for the canned beverage industry, Anheuser-Busch has formed a global partnership with Rio Tinto, a leading producer of responsible aluminum, to deliver a new standard of sustainable aluminum cans. 


  • The Clinton Foundation and Verizon announced a new partnership to help college students develop leadership skills and to inspire them to create innovative, high-quality social impact projects. 
Dear Colleagues, Partners and Friends – 
The Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) and the AG Alliance (AGA) are proud to announce this year’s Chair Initiative:  A COVID-19 Attorney General Legal and Policy Response Manual. Everyone has been impacted by COVID-19. It is my honor to lead CWAG and the AGA in taking on some of the most challenging related legal and policy issues we face today.
Our proposal is ambitious. In a timely fashion we will put together public/private working groups, each led by a bi-partisan pair of member states to focus on these general topics: 
  1. Multiple approaches of a vaccine;
  2. Prioritization of vaccine administration;
  3. Consumer protection;
  4. Constitutional considerations;
  5. Antitrust considerations;
  6. Anticipated secondary impacts

Each working group will identify more specific legal and policy issues that can be addressed in their assigned area. Further, each working group will highlight at least one area to focus resources and develop an issue guide for policymakers. 
For example, the working group focused on prioritization may consider the legal risks for states if they prioritize a group of healthcare workers before issuing a vaccine to a first responders who then contract COVID-19 during a citizen call, or worse, a first responder who becomes a super-spreader. At each stage of vaccine distribution, how can states ensure geographic, age, race and economic equity? Perhaps the group tasked with examining constitutional issues can build consensus about how to cope with government employees in essential roles but who have religious objections to being vaccinated? Who will shoulder the liability for adverse effects from a vaccine? Do existing scope of duty regulations in states allow enough flexibility for a mass vaccination effort assuming adequate supply? Are there any antitrust concerns allowing reasonable collaboration among competitors when in service of producing and providing a reliable vaccine?
Attorneys General stand at the center of many of these debates whether through legal advice to Governors or because of enforcement authority entrusted to them directly. But Attorneys General are also tested public servants who can partner with good corporate citizens, “work up” with the Federal government and assist local governments with their needs. Working through these issues requires legal acumen, public trust, bi-partisanship and dedication. Attorneys General in collaboration with our partners will advance the dialogue and position ourselves to be at the center of the conversation, enabling a national response to COVID-19.

Please lookout for our full schedule and program agenda in the coming weeks.

For more information about participation, please contact Karen White ( or David Blake (
Wayne Stenehjem
North Dakota Attorney General
2020-21 Chair, CWAG and AG Alliance
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