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February 4th, 2021
Thank you to all the public and private representatives who joined our first working group call, where we had representatives from 13 states along with several companies each of whom were able to speak directly with federal government officials about real issues we all are struggling to resolve as the vaccination effort ramps up.
Specifically, we focused heavily on vaccine fraud, and were joined on the call by Steve Francis, Assistant Director for Global Trade Investigations and Director of the National IPR Coordination Center.  Steve discussed DHS’s efforts to combat vaccine fraud and outlined Operation Stolen Promise. We discussed an increased number of counterfeiting issues – and classic scams – related to COVID treatments but also the vaccine administration itself. The continued need for educating the public about where and where not to buy medicines and treatments was highlighted and will remain of utmost importance moving forward. Attorney General Offices can assist here in publishing press releases sharing information on consumer complaints and clarifying important information related to vaccines while continuing to work closely with private sector to combat such fraud. Federal/state law enforcement coordination was also a significant theme during the call and Steve invited any AGO and private sector companies to contact his agency with questions, to share information or to jointly combat bad actors.  
Please download the current working copy of our Chair’s Initiative policy outline This outline presents a compilation of thought leadership related to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines and will remain a working document for everyone. We encourage feedback and participation moving forward!
Join us on Wednesday, February 10th at 11am PST for another conversation on issues related to essential workers and our collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We anticipate discussing some of the legalities and challenges around allocating vaccines when supply remains scarce, including how and who is determines what an essential worker means. 
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  • This week, we acknowledge our partners at Comcast in their mission to develop new opportunities for underrepresented communities through the education, resources, and skills training needed to succeed in today’s digital economy. With initiatives to advance digital equity, close the digital divide and address digital literacy, Comcast will continue their goal in connecting as many Americans to the internet as possible. The AG Alliance is pleased to highlight private sector efforts that focus on the importance of equity and inclusion.  

  • Black History Month: while February should be a time to praise Black excellence, it should also be a time to acknowledge the discrimination Black people continue to face and the work that needs to be done in order to achieve true equality.
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Social Justice Cause Marketing and Consumer Protection
Thursday, February 11th from 2 - 3pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Clare Connors, Hawaii
HATE Speech and the Internet
Thursday, April 8th from 2 - 3pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Karl Racine, District of Columbia

Over the last year, communities across the country have assessed their treatment of minorities and other under-represented populations. In an effort to facilitate dialogue in the Attorney General community, Amazon and the Attorney General Alliance have partnered to create a series of conversations exploring issues around justice and social equity. We are excited to announce 2021 as the inaugural year of this forum and we look forward to providing focused programing aimed at facilitating exploration of these issues. We thank Amazon for their leadership and invite all of our public and private partners join us as we embark on these discussions.
Sports Betting Follow-Up 
Monday, February 8th from 12 – 1pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Karl Racine, District of Columbia,
featuring Attorney General Dana Nessel, Michigan

*Cybersecurity Subcommittee Winter Session 
Thursday, February 25th from 1-3pm ET 

Moderated by Attorney General Sean Reyes, Utah
Full agenda to be announced

For more information on registration and working group participation, please email Andrea Friedman at
*Please note: the Cybersecurity Winter Session is a CLOSED program available to AGOs and group members only.
Organized Retail Theft and the INFORM Act
Thursday, March 9th from 1-2pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Chris Carr, Georgia

  • Colorado AG Weiser was featured in an article on the importance of leading with empathy. Included in the message is his December talk with the Consumer Brands Association where he offered perspective on how to elevate the role of lawyers in society.






The Rural Broadband Challenge and the Promise of 5G Technology
Wednesday, February 3rd, 1-2pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Phil Weiser, Colorado


  • Stephen Bye, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, DISH 
  • Tom Power, Senior Vice President & General Counsel Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA)
  • Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney, and former U.S. CTO 
  • Gigi Sohn, Distinguished Fellow, Georgetown Law Institute for Technology Law & Policy, Benton Senior Fellow & Public Advocate 


  • "Who will meet the 5G hardware components if we aren’t buying it from China?-@pweiser #AGA5GWebinar

  • "Dish is committed to opening up more innovation and technology" -Stephen Bye #AGA5GWebinar

Incase you missed our webinar The Rural Broadband Challenge and the Promise of 5G Technology; watch the full recording here.

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