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January 28th, 2021
We are excited to announce the release of our Chair's Initiative policy outline, available here. This outline works to present a compilation of policy guidance and thought leadership related to the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Chair's Initiative is proceeding as a bi-monthly working group series via Zoom to address and discuss existing and new topics related to vaccine rollout. Our next session is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10th at 11am PST, calls will take place every other Wednesday until June 8th, 2021. Please note this schedule remains a flexible outline – based on substance, we may extend or cut short this proposed end date.  

For more information, please contact
David Blake
General Counsel for the AGA
(202) 255-9668

Illinois AG Rauol: One year after the Chicago area logged its first case, Crain's asks local business leaders and decision-makers who have been personally affected by the virus how the experience is influencing their approach to work and leadership.
*Please check back for frequent updates

Social Justice Cause Marketing and Consumer Protection
Thursday, February 11th from 2 - 3pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Clare Connors, Hawaii

Summary: As part of demonstrating their commitment to social justice, many companies are offering consumers an opportunity to donate to social justice causes with every purchase – “buy from us and a percentage of this purchase will go to XX charity.” This “cause marketing” brings up a number of concerns:
  • Are companies operating consistently with state charitable solicitation laws? 
  • What are they representing about HOW MUCH will go to charity (implied claims)? Are companies giving what they SAY they are giving?
  • How are consumers assured that their money is going to the designated cause? 
  • *Discuss examples of companies championing this space and acting according to the law
HATE Speech and the Internet
Thursday, April 8th from 2 - 3pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Karl Racine, District of Columbia

Summary: Join AG Alliance Co-Chair Attorney General Karl Racine of Washington D.C. as he facilitates a conversation on HATE and the Internet. Extremism — both online and off — is a major problem. “Today we’ve seen just an extraordinary, exponential increase in hate offenses…” said Racine, recalling mass shootings at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, among others, “…it is literally everywhere.” Topics will include Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act; state expansion and standardization of data collection and reporting; increasing understanding and equipping the Attorney General community to counter hate and hate related violence.

Over the last year, communities across the country have assessed their treatment of minorities and other under-represented populations. In an effort to facilitate dialogue in the Attorney General community, Amazon and the Attorney General Alliance have partnered to create a series of conversations exploring issues around justice and social equity. We are excited to announce 2021 as the inaugural year of this forum and we look forward to providing focused programing aimed at facilitating exploration of these issues. We thank Amazon for their leadership and invite all of our public and private partners join us as we embark on these discussions.
Complete program descriptions will follow in the coming weeks.
*Please note: the Cybersecurity Winter Session is a CLOSED program available to AGOs and group members only.
Thursday, January 28th 11-12:45 ET

Moderated by Attorney General Phil Weiser and Attorney General Doug Peterson

Summary: A discussion with consumer advocates, competition experts, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson on the states' bipartisan antitrust litigation against Big Tech monopolist and how competitive markets benefit consumer.
Take 30 from the District of Columbia Attorney General’s Office
Friday, January 29th 12pm ET

Summary: Selling woman of color dates back to the “Fancy Girl” slave trade, where white men sold black girls explicitly for sexual exploitation in the 1800s in America. This horrific crime continues today. In a two-year review of all suspected human trafficking incidents across the country, 94% of sex trafficking victims were female, 40% were Black, and 24% were Latinx. This stat shows the enormity of the disproportionality of women of color who are sexually exploited in this country. In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, join Attorney General Racine, Tina Frundt, Founder/Executive Director for Courtney’s House, Roxie Farrow, Operations Manager for the Human Trafficking Legal Center and Yasmin Vafa, Executive Director for Rights 4 Girls, in examining this disparity and how the District can help protect this vulnerable population.

For more information or to share questions before the program, please email:
The Rural Broadband Challenge and the Promise of 5G Technology
Wednesday, February 3rd from 1-2pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Phil Weiser, Colorado

Summary: This panel will address a variety of issues and questions surrounding Radio Access Network (RAN) technology and the impact of the rollout of the so-called "5G" wireless telecommunications technology. In particular, the buildout of 5G promises to be game changing, providing Internet access to places that have long struggled to gain robust broadband access. In this panel, we will discuss rural access issues, funding concerns, and the opportunities and challenges related to this technology, including why rural broadband access is important and how the Attorneys General can play a role in encouraging its rollout and adoption.

This session will also touch upon what Attorneys General need to know about rural broadband issues and the applications that can benefit from 5G technology. This discussion will, for example, focus on telehealth, online education opportunities, and economic development. It will also discuss how the government and private firms can work together to advance the rollout of this technology and to address longstanding digital divide challenges.

Sports Betting Follow-Up 
Monday, February 8th from 12 – 1pm ET

Moderated by Attorney General Karl Racine, District of Columbia

  • Danna Nessel, Attorney General, Michigan Attorney General’s Office
  • Brian Kane, Assistant Chief Deputy &Chief Legislative Counsel, Idaho Attorney General’s Office
  • Andy Abboud, Senior Vice President of Government Relations, Las Vegas Sands
  • Stanton Dodge, Chief Legal Officer, DraftKings
*Cybersecurity Subcommittee Winter Session 
Thursday, February 25th from 1-3pm ET 

Moderated by Attorney General Sean Reyes, Utah

Current topics include but are not limited to: 
  • Counterfeiting issues in vaccine distribution, the black market; 
  • Online fraud and consumer products; 
  • Unpacking the Solar Winds hack; 
  • Using AI to defraud unemployment insurance scams 
  • Big Tech and antitrust

For more information on registration and working group participation, please email Andrea Friedman at
Organized Retail Theft and the INFORM Act
Thursday, March 9th from 1-2pm ET
Mourning the Passing of Nilda Pedrosa, Beloved Member of Attorney General Community

The Attorney General Alliance is deeply saddened to share the passing of Nilda Pedrosa, former chief of staff to former Florida Attorney General Bondi. Nilda was very much involved and dedicated to the Alliance Partnership Mexico ROL. She dedicated countless hours to developing relationships and programs focused on combatting transnational criminal organizations and human trafficking. She was a valued supporter of the AG community and will be extremely missed. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Nilda’s family
Florida AG Moody is working with Uber to provide Human Trafficking Prevention Education to drivers ahead of Super Bowl LV in Tampa.






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