August 2020
Attorney General files legal action against dog breeder Marilyn Shepherd who then accuses Attorney General of “animal cruelty”
Severely matted dog with lice owned by Marilyn Shepherd
Attorney General Eric Schmitt recently obtained a temporary restraining order against Cedarcrest Kennel and its owner Marilyn Shepherd for continuing violations of the Animal Care Facilities Act.

According to the Attorney General, Marilyn Shepherd “repeatedly failed to provide necessary veterinary care to several dogs exhibiting severe eye infections, bloody lesions and abrasions, lacerations causing hair loss, and severely matted fur resulting in redness and irritation.” In fact, inspectors found injured dogs at this facility for five years in a row. This breeder’s husband even threatened a state veterinarian with a gun during an inspection at her facility in 2016.

Marilyn Shepherd’s mistreatment of animals stretches back more than a dozen years. Ms. Shepherd was assessed a civil penalty of $25,000 and was permanently barred from obtaining a USDA license in 2006.    

So it was shocking when Ms. Shepherd filed a document with the court last week accusing the Attorney General and the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) of “sheer and utter animal cruelty” for forcing her to decrease the number of dogs at her facility prior to her court date later this year. She is now blaming the AG and MDA for separating dogs and yet it was solely her decision on how to decrease the size of her kennel. 

Ms. Shepherd further asserts in her letter to the Court that the actions of the AG and MDA are the “absolute height of cruelty,” when in fact, the absolute height of cruelty is that this breeding facility was allowed to operate for as long as it has with years of chronic violations.

Please thank Attorney General Eric Schmitt for finally pursuing justice for Marilyn Shepherd’s dogs.

Urge the Attorney General to continue to aggressively pursue legal action against cruel puppy mills.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt
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Matted dog at Marilyn Shepherd dog breeding facility