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American Grassfed Association Announces Partnership with IOIA

We are pleased to announce a partnership to train inspectors for the newly released AGA dairy standards.

With this partnership, IOIA is developing web based training modules for all inspectors wishing to do on farm dairy inspections for the AGA, Don Davis, AGA Standards chair announced today.  IOIA has a strong priority to work on self-directed learning modules. This work is consistent with IOIA's mission to make available training and work opportunities for organic inspectors.

The audience for the training would be working organic inspectors. Applicants would be NOP organic certified first, and the AGA grassfed dairy certification would be an addendum. Efficiency and cost affordability for certifiers and producers would result from combining the two inspections. Later on, the training might be used for auditors for operations that are not organic, and for auditors that are not organic inspectors. But to start, the focus is organic operation addendum inspection performed by organic dairy inspectors who have this training.

Make $$$ Planting Trees!
Celebrate Earth Day and Turn a Profit.
Earth Day is right around the corner and traditionally, kids plant trees in honor of the Earth.   But why stop planting trees just because you grow up?!  Why not plant a lot of trees and make some money?!

AGA has partnered with World Tree - A carbon offset program to help bring more trees and more profit to farms and ranches across the US. They are looking for farmers across the Southern States with 10-20 acres at an elevation less than 2200ft to spare to grow empress trees.

World Tree provides the trees, training, and handles the sales; all you have to provide is the land and care. The profits from the trees are split 50/50 - and there are no costs to you should the trees not thrive! This is a great opportunity! 

Learn more here -->

Genus:  Paulownia
Growing zone: 7-11
Soil: Clay, sand loam or better
Elevation: Less than 2200 ft
Time to maturity: 10 years
Sells for: $3-$14 per board foot
Board foot per acre: 30,000

YOU CAN WIN a Cookbook!
Submit your grassfed recipe for a chance to win!
We are looking to post your grassfed recipes on our website and on our social media pages!! 

Send us your best and favorite recipes  - include ingredient list, cooking instructions, and a photo of the finished plated dish!  

We will have our culinary advisors look over all the submissions and announce a winner!  The winner will receive a Grassfed Cookbook.   The top 3 submissions will be featured online!

Email the following: Ingredient list, cooking instructions, and a photo of the finished plated dish
Send your entries to:
Deadline: April 30th
Don't forget to include: Your name, contact information -email and shipping info, your state, ranch name (if applicable), and a fun story about the recipe (optional).

Winners will be announced by May 7th!

For exhibitor or sponsor opportunities at the 2018 conference, contact us at

If you see something, SAY SOMETHING
Tell retailers you want AMERICAN Grassfed Products.

AGA is actively working on identifying off shore "grassfed" in the marketplace.

IF you see labels like this one, send them to us at

We need our retail partners to support American Family Grassfed farms and farmers.  Your support, and their support can make a difference in our land, the animals lives, and the American economy.


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