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The AGA Label was just awarded 5 stars from the Green America Consumer Guide!!
"Nonprofit  Green America has released a new consumer guide aimed at helping consumers decipher which food labels 'are just cheap marketing ploys.'" -as reported by Sustainable Food News

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Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL)
Knowing that your food didn't have to travel over 10,000 miles to your plate is important.

What Is COOL?  Why is it important? And what do you need to know?

Country of origin labeling, COOL, was a USDA regulation that required meat packers to declare that country where the meat is processed.  It l ets consumers know where their food is grown and raised.    It allows consumers to make educated buying decisions about the products they purchase, much like official  grassfed, organic, humane, non-gmo labels.

Most imported goods do not have the transparency of production methods that American products have and are put into the marketplace at prices much lower than what American products. Many imported products are making unsubstantiated product claims, like grassfed, that directly compete with American products.

When there is no labeling on country of origin, it makes the products in the marketplace seem equal when in fact they are not.  This false equality puts pressure on U.S. producers to produce better, faster, cheaper, in order to stay at the top of the market.  this has unfortunate consequences -  faster, cheaper production models no longer take the animals' welfare or the American land into consideration.  The animal and the land are only benefitted when American consumers support American products - to do so, you need a label.

So why has COOL been written out of the law?  Why, if 95% of consumers support COOL, has it not been honored? Because Congress said so...

Well, what can we do?
The two biggest factors in making change happen is education and consumer demand. YOU can be the change you want to see in the food world.  Share your insight with friends, family, restauranteurs, grocery store leaders, butchers, anyone that will listen and have a discussion.   Educating people on how imports negatively affect our rural communities, American land, animal welfare, the food that fuels your body and health. The consumer can have the biggest impact on urging retailers to support domestic agriculture. Producers can also play a large role in educating retailers/consumers regarding the integrity behind 3rd party production claims like AGA's grassfed label.

Get involved!  Spread the knowledge!  Support AGA!

Voting Down the Check Off Program!
Big Ag's attempt to take away cattle producers' hard-earned dollars tanked at the ballot box. Oklahoma ranchers made a powerful statement about the need for accountability and transparency in the beef checkoff program by voting down the abusive checkoff tax increase. 
We must keep the momentum going.

Please call your U.S. Senators and Representative today.
You can say:
Hi, my name is _________, and I'm a constituent of (Representative or Senator) ___________.
I'm calling to ask him/her to co-sponsor the Opportunities for Fairness in Farming Act (S. 741 & H.R. 1753) and the Voluntary Checkoff Act (S. 740 & H.R. 1752), which would reform the commodity checkoff programs.
Right now, the checkoff programs are rife with abuse and mismanagement, and this legislation would help restore opportunity for U.S. family farmers and ranchers.
Again, I'm calling to ask him/her to cosponsor the Opportunities for Fairness in Farming Act and the Voluntary Checkoff Act.
Thank you!

Grassfed Labels:  Help us get the truth!

As the interest in Grassfed continues to grow, so does the number of 'bogus" grassfed labels in the marketplace.  

FSIS, the USDA agency the approves labels only requires an affidavit about where the "grassfed" is coming from. We find this disturbing. We are having on going face to face conversations with FSIS and are hopeful that we can change the way labels are approved.

Until that time, if you see a label in the marketplace that you're unsure of, send us a clear picture of the front and back of the label (make sure to capture the USDA est. # on the label) and we will do our best to find out the source so you're not having to compete with 'feedlot" grassfed, or mislabeled grassfed.  

Send the pictures to and we will follow up on it for you. All information sent to us will be kept completely confidential.

Holiday Shopping Can Help AGA!
If you shop on AMAZON for your holiday needs your purchases can help AGA raise money for our Education and Research Fund!  When you shop with Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate!  

Enter "Amazon Smile" in your search, then go to American Grassfed Research and Education Fund and sign up to make sure your purchases count toward the donations.  

AGA Official Press Release: Unannounced Meeting Alarms AGA Leaders 
Unannounced Meeting to Promote the Import of Foreign Grassfed Beef Alarms U.S. Grassfed Producers and American Grassfed Association Leaders

Denver, Colorado -   On Sept. 30, the American Grassfed Association board of directors learned of a movement that would threaten the livelihood of many American Grassfed Producers.   In response, AGA is continuing its campaign to Buy American Grassfed.
Read full press release HERE.

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